Castle Match 2

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My first game in AS3. Okay, actually an AS2 game that's been upgraded using ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University.

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not bad game, its bit annoying and takes a while to complete but overall not bad

Okay game

i think the game is okay, plenty of bugs and gets boring after a while

Nothing special.

It has a few bugs here and there, but in general it's functional.
About game experience; Nothing I would play, mostly because of those annoying sounds but also it's a little lame for me.

Maybe adding a slight background music? Folk would be very suitable considering the medivial theme.
And for crying out loud.. Do change that annoying sound that buzzes as soon as you get an "un-match".

egdcltd responds:

What bugs did you find? I'd like to fix them

No-one ever likes the sounds I pick :). It probably doesn't help that I play most Flash games with the speakers off.


The game is basically okay, I couldn't really detect any flaws gameplay-wise, but its graphic design isn't that great.
1. Use a different font, the one you are currently using is unreadable
2. If you have found a matching pair, maybe let them fade out instead of removing them as soon as they are tuned around.
3. the game itself is pretty simple (not in difficulty, but in design). Maybe you could add different modes; e.g. A mode in which there is only one pair, the rest singles. Maybe add a difficulty choice.
You could make a timed mode in which you give the player extra time for each pair he makes, so that there is a little pressure. Let him go through increasingly difficult levels.

short: it's okay, but you could have made much more of it.

egdcltd responds:

There's currently a timer that runs before removing the matched pair. From what you say, it's too short at the moment. Graphics aren't something I'm terribly good at. I wasn't sure on the font, so I thought I'd see what other people thought of it.

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3.79 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2009
9:39 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other