Clasper the Retard NOTDUN

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IM SORRY IF THIS OFFENDS YOU!!! OH and just letting you lovely kids know that this is just an exerpt from my big retard movie GIMP GIMP LACKY!!!



It was okay I guess. I have an autisitc sister that can't even talk so I'm not sure what to think of it. I'm not saying I'm offended, I'm just neutral about which is why I gave you a five.
And on another note, joshjoshjosh, you're a fucking asshole. Ya know that? I don't mean to target specific people but you're sick. Killing retards is not okay, and they are people. If you ever became a retard killer (I really hate using the word retard) I'd like to see your ass in jail for life. You sick bastard. That was offensive and cruel to say. And I don't care if any of you people think the same way because that just means you have issues with certain kinds of people.

people need a sense of humor

it was funny. people saying this is offensive, grow up, its a flash movie, something offensive would have been showing a real video of someone killing themselves and the author saying its funny. this is a little yes, but still funny, and anyone with a good or half a good sense of humor would find it at least remotley funny

You gave my life meaning!

I love this lol.
This was defiently a funny one.
Even tho it's not finished yet, and it made little sense at all it still made me lawl!
and that's the point of these things!
Keep it up!

Yes... and.. now?

Like you say, it's an excerpt.. Well Okay then.. But I simply don't get the point.. even it is an excerpt... It's a piece without any sense...
After watching this movie, I sat on my chair thinkin' of a hidden message in this submission, or a joke I simply don't get.. But... After a while I realize there's simply no plot..nothing.. nada..So.. please, would you tell me what this piece of colors mean?

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I liked it

It was funny. It will most likely offend someone who is related to a retarded person but I am not one of those people.LOL i like it make more please

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Mar 29, 2002
8:46 PM EST
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