Madness Oviation 1

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This isn't the good madness video I said I was doing on my last post, but this wass short because I was running out of time. Ladies & Gentlemen, I bring you, Madness Oviation 1.
(Part 2 soon! :P)

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my favourite :3

this video is the best one ever in newgrounds history!!

Sparkslasher responds:



Choppy as hell. Framerate extremely low. I didn't watch it all, it was really boring...

Choppy, awful, no story, no anything.

"I was running out of time"?

You have no fans that will cater to your every whim and I'm sure you have absolutely no fans who care about how much time it takes until 'the next post,' so the "I'm running out of time" excuse is completely downplayed in this situation.

The reason it's choppy is because you put in about as much time into making this animation as it does to unscrew the cap off a Pepsi. If you gotta make bullshit excuses to some reviewers who've animated 6 times the stuff you've put out and have gotten some actual advice and put that to use (Like you're failing to right now) then you should seriously stop animating, because it's a long road to being a successful animator, and criticism is what makes you successful.

Also, what imagination? You weren't being any more unique than the guy who made Madness Last Stand - who was in fact being more unique, because he changed the shape of the characters, he (badly) changed the color of a seemingly important character, and there is more plot directive in that animation than there is in that. So how exactly can we get the impulse to use our imagination when you give us nothing to base it off of?

So keep telling the people who review it badly to get some imagination. The real target in this is you.

This was a very bad animation with an unacceptable frame rate for a Madness-based animation along with some sub-par animation and overused, overdone graphics that (If my experience tells me right) are all completely ported over, whether by an official Madness sprite sheet or decompiled Madness animations.

I strongly suggest making your own stuff, if you can even do that well. I also suggest you invest in a PRELOADER, because it's very unprofessional and definitely unsuitable to go without one, especially on Newgrounds. Better luck next time, kid.


Either way, if it was streamed or evented, this would not run slow. The simple problem is that it's choppy, badly planned, and had no music or special fx.

You just lost the game.

You need to learn how to take fucking criticism.

Seriously, shut the fuck up with all this "OH THE REASON ITS SLOW IS BECAUSE YOUR COMPUTER IS SLOW" or "YOU HAVE NO IMAGINATION". Look dude, bitch, whine and complain that people don't like your movie all you want, but if you really want to get better at animating, then quit with all of the damned excuses. People write reviews to help you, not to make your life a living hell and torment you. When someone says "I didn't like this movie because *insert fully constructive reason here*" it doesn't mean "You suck go fucking die".
Now that I've gotten that out, now for the real review.
The movie just starts out of no where, no intro, nothing to explain the plot at all. It just starts out with some guy climbing from a trap door. There are a lot of extremely awkward positions that you have the main character in, ones that would be pretty uncomfortable and impossible for an actual human being. It looks like he's trapped inside an original box. The only animation is the character sliding across the screen, there is some feet movement but that's about it. Have him run through some halls then an extremely unexpected choppy ending. There was like, no thought at all put into the ending. It looks like a three year old got ahold of the computer and randomly placed Madness sprites everywhere.
That is really it, the movie its self was only 10 seconds. My suggestion, study Madness movies, good ones at least. Just watch them and focus on how the author animates the movement. Overall this looks like it was made in like 5 minutes. Spend some time on an animation. Don't just shit out a movie every few days, because in truth, no one really wants to see this. This is what gives good Madness animators a bad name. This is what basically ruins Madness. If you still want people to criticize your movies, upload them to a swf hosting website and link to it on your userpage.
And remember, stop taking criticism like the biggest damn insult.

Sparkslasher responds:


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0.97 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2009
12:19 PM EDT