Attack of the Dead

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It is up to you to to ensure your own safety since everyone else is already zombie food or turned into zombies. Buy new guns to help you protect yourself from the living dead.

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its not too bad but they should make attack of the dead 2 it would probaly be much better anyway its hard to make a game im sure that non of these would be able to make a game awflash and someguy357 you are ok try to make a bettter game next time


ma insomma

Quite bad.

Well , It's a generic half assed defence game.
The gun upgrades don't work (Atleast the Uzi which I tried)
Shooting is primitive , what's the point of the game having a side view if there is no line of fire.
The graphics are cheap , 2 minute work.
work on it.

Buggy, but has potential.

There are some REALLY big errors in this game, for instance you seem to be only able to use the pistol? The reloading is ridiculously slow. You like to think a soldier in this situation would maybe be a bit more focused when it came to keeping bullets in his gun! It was confusing on the upgrades menu how when I upgraded the "headshot bonus" to max, the next time round i could upgrade it again and the bar had gone back to zero.
I don't like that when the enemies die they simply disappear. I understand that corpses means lag, but they could at least fall down!

On the whole though, not a bad effort. Have another go at it and it could be something fun. I hope this helps.

Well, in fact...

Quite a number of people have point out the problem in gameplay, so I'll tell something else; it would be a lot nicer if you fill up some more stories to the game. For people like myself like reading long stories along with playing the game more than shoot'em up.