Mecha 1.0

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Three hundred years into the future, a world in nuclear ruin, life on earth struggling to survive, and society on the brink of chaos, surviving colonies formed factions, and mechs are the primary artillery for such. You are the pilot of one such mech, fighting for power, prestige, and cold hard cash. Mecha combines customization, one-on-one fighting, vehicle simulation, with a hint of a puzzle game. Build more than 3000 combinations of mechs and dominate the globe!


Made me think of The Naked Gun


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badseed1 responds:



THE GAME SUCK ! or make 10 times better game or stop making them !

badseed1 responds:

Why dothese "people" with tons of numbers after thier name keep leaving reviews like this? I think it's a conspiracy.

some work needed

'givin' you 8 for the principle, as that game is quite close to perfection. the only things you need is:
gameplay: make the mechs move faster, allow doging (that means bullet sprites for all weapons) and give more type of weps. and tools.
lower robot health or increase firepower. people HATE to stay on a chair watching bullets move for half an hour
art/graphics: try to look at mechas art in google, it should get you started. mechas would surrely go on tracks, but NOT on thrusters.
sound: a tick you could do is remove sound at first, put all the game ad-ons and do the sounds at last. screw the music, it takes a lot of work and memory, work moar on the graphics, it's much more important.

i saw that it is your "1.0" version, so i expect you will add improvement, and am looking towards it.

good luck, even though you might not need it. you've got the skills required, and maybe the gas too :))

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badseed1 responds:

Thanks for the constructive review ;)

There really wasn't much skill involved.

I mean really, all I had to do was hold down the space bar and just kind of wait there until the other bot exploded.

i THOUGHT it was entertaining...

But super repetitive, and the money is just too much... keep it out of the millions... maybe thousands.. just alot of zeros once you start to beat it... You need to work on the flight ... it really doesn't have too much purpose other than to waste energy or avoid the laser for a couple of seconds...

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3.58 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2009
3:12 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS