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Maori Warfare project

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Mar 24, 2009 | 2:03 PM EDT

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Author Comments

This was for the 3rd project on Maori (new zealand) culture my English class did 1st quarter of this school year. I only did a flash movie to make the project less redundant. I'm glad the teacher's off on maternity leave. >_>

Any racist slurs you may, or may not, find are unintended. My teacher didn't fail me (like she did on a previous test for making a sarcastic comment on the side), so I'm guessing there aren't any. but still, you never know what people will come up with.

Basically, this is just a generalization of Maori warfare styles. Excuse my cruddy artwork, this was before I had a graphics tablet.

I did all the voice acting. My first experience, so don't be too harsh.



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Well hmm

I'm from New Zealand and I am part Maori and this animation was pretty crappy really. You didn't explain why the Maori went to War with the british and the reason for that was land. And Maori's didn't often trade land for gold as the British would often force the Maori to sell their land because the British had guns when the Maori didn't. The animation was bad, all you did was get some stick men and colour them in, you didn't even put the face tattoos on the Maori sticks. Also I don't think a Maori would say "charge" in English.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

See? this is what I was talking about!

This is MUCH better than your AT&T flash, it had sound, an actual was funny! ^.^ As I said, work more with flash, get better at it.

8 for a good idea, and for improvement (I think...don't know the time difference between this flash and the other one >.<) on the AT&T flash. Good work!

IJP290 responds:

I made, and posted this before the AT&T flash.

the at&t one was made with Flash CS4, this was made with CS3.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Nah man nah

Your just too nice l
\ /

IJP290 responds:



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Man these reviewers are dicks.

I mean, Kitty Krew submissions get 1's. This at least demonstrates real effort. A coupla things I was wondering about.
1)) Why did they charge with their spears pointing backwards?
2) You presented it as though the Maori's defeated the English. Since New Zealand is a former part of the British Empire, I'm guessing that's not actually the case, yes?
3) This seems awfully superficial. Here in the US, a comparable explanation of the American/Native American wars would represent about a 4th grade level of knowledge. I guess you needed to simplify for the sake of brevity, but considering it's a school assignment, damn, how'd this pass?

Sorry for the seemingly harsh criticism, I actually enjoyed watching this. And hey, I learned what a Pa was, and if I had a better memory, I'd know the names of the commanders in a big British/Maori battle. So thanks.

IJP290 responds:

This is the best review I've ever gotten. Thank you.

1) I don't know why they charged with the spears backwards. If it's historically accurate, then it's not documented. If it's not, then it's my mistake. Most likely my mistake.

2) Did I? Well, the English did defeat the Maori's. That's probably just bad expression and interpretation.

3)The assignment wasn't to do a historical documentary. It was to outline an aspect of maori culture. I just added the thing about the english in for fun, and for lack of resources on the cultural aspect fo warfare (we couldn't blend other projects into ours, and someone else was already assigned tattooing and boats).


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

No. Just no.

First off, stick people fighting/violence is so 2006.
Secondly, submitting something for school to Newgrounds is usually a very bad idea, because stuff like this happens.

IJP290 responds:

I've seen school stuff submitted here before.