Arena 3000

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Arena 3000 was written while I was nursing a broken leg and wasn't able to go into my day job at Introversion. It's a simple shooter based on the robotron school of run and shoot. Use WSAD to move (or the cursor keys) and left mouse button to shoot in the direction of the mouse cursor. Try to get 1 shot per kill in order to get a 100% accuracy rating on a level. the higher your rating the more points you get. You can spend points in the store to upgrade your ship. To enter the store wait for the 'prepare for level' screen between levels and press 'S'.

The game also represents my first attempt at using Flash CS4 and it's new textured triangle routines so it should make use of your accelerated graphics card. All code, art and audio are by me.

Good luck - and like I say, this was written while nursing a broken leg and not able to continue working on Darwinia+

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I'll be playing this a lot more!! w00t!!!

Not the best

Concept was a great idea, i like how you gain money based on accuracy. But some better upgrades would be nice or different weapon systems maybe


Not bad at all, its a nice touch, keep it goin.... but!
-Add an upgrade sore
-Make barriers and or blocks
-Keep it goin

Xiotex responds:


You can access the upgrade store by pressing 'S' on the screen that says 'Prepare for level'

is good

just one thing the power ups that you buy are next to useless they dont realy help your score exept the health one thats works the rest no good. fun game though

not bad, needs a little tweaking

good start, but there are some things that would be beneficial to add into the game. first off i'd say more money, only being able to make 1000 creds per round makes buying the later upgrades very hard. perhaps a small difference in the multiplier each level would fix this or even randomly spawned drops from enemies to pick up for a small cash bonus. also a display in the upgrade menu to show what is already installed on the ship would be nice. also an easy way to end levels was to just shoot one enemy ship then use a smart bomb, then the accuracy score was 100% and i'd get full credits. all in all its a very good start, i like the fact that the accuracy determines how much money you get, to me it seems as though the money is a reward for skill and not just holding down the mouse button and spinning like a mad man. good start and i hope you add on to it :)

Xiotex responds:

I've already had an offer from an artist to help out with the graphics. Thanks for pointing out the accuracy smart bomb exploit!

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4.08 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2009
8:17 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun