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This is my newest upload to newgrounda-Intecpto (In-tec-ouh-toe). In Intecpto, you use the direction of the arrows to go to the intersect if the line. For example, if one was pointing to the left, and one was pointing to the bottom, you would go to the left, and search for the bottom. Go on instructions for further info. :D

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thats new

Its a new concept, 'find the hidden dot' games are not but using the arrows is new. However there is one massive flaw the TAB key you should not let a simple cheat like that ruin your game

Thundaboom responds:

Yes, I should probably fix the tab cheat. I had absolutely no idea how people got through it easily. It looks like each time I make a game, there's always a new cheat that rips my game off. Of course, everything has to be fixed.

Great concept, bad execution.

This is a wonderful idea.
However, drawing arrows and lines in flash with the paint/line tools isn't the way to do it.
You really should have designed it better, and I have some ideas, as a graphic designer.
Send me an IM @ kingman529 (AIM) if you're interested in some advice.

Thundaboom responds:

Hmm.....I do admit that my graphics are a bit rushed through. I will try better when my tablet starts working again.

So and so :P

Extremely easy, all you do is press tab, and poof dots appear, I'd make a trigger that resets the game when a player does that, and yes I do agree, make the lines straighter and more aligned :D. Other than those minor flaws, you did quite well.

Thundaboom responds:

xD There is a cheat for every game. Well not every.

Good idea, but might want to get rid of the cheats

I thought this was a great idea, but the game can easily be cheated by pressing tab. Maybe if you added in a "Press tab and you lose" thing, it'd serve as more of a challenge for the cheaters out there.

Good concept, however...

when making a game like this... MAKE SURE YOUR ARROWS ARE STRAIGHT.


Seriously, those cartoon arrows that are maligned AIN'T CUTTING IT and make the game a matter of guessing just how out of calibration they are. Get rid of them and get arrow that are true, otherwise expect to get poor scores from me and everybody else that doesn't appreciate hunting and pecking with bum directions.

3/10 concept
0/10 execution

Thundaboom responds:

Ok, I will get new arrows. :D

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3.04 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2009
11:14 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other