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I'm an NG noob here (3-24-09) and have been making these quickie cartoons for YouTube... Just for fun. I can't spend lots of time working on these, so try not to judge the animation too harshly. I can see from some of the reviews that you guys have high standards, so I'll do better on the next one. (and I JUST came up with another HOUSE idea this morning). Thanks for watching and for all your comments. Enjoy!


Nice job

Animation aside, which wasn't all that bad, I found this to be hilarious. Now to the reviewers, have you guys even watched House? Toonsmyth is making fun of the premise of House, not some disease. I personally love the show and I love to see good parodies. It's true was Toonsmyth said, in the episode they really do give the patient some drug, he/she starts to get better and then takes a tragic turn for the worse. The show ends when House or a team member discovers that it was some simple, often irrelevent, minor disease that caused the whole thing. Nice job Toonsmyth, I can't wait to see your next House parody.

Toonsmyth responds:

SOMEBODY gets it, or at least has definitely seen the same episodes as I have over and over. THANK YOU, good sir! I appreciate your support.

Lovers of House will not like this

Yes the repetitive theme of House MD is all right here, aside from the family feud aspect


no one's atually dying, pull that cock out of ur ass.

pretty good toonsmith, 4/5 9/10


I agree with Client-T
People die everyday with all kinds of horrible dieseases
some are torturous and terrifying..
No one should be allowed to make fun of that...
it's just... not right...

Toonsmyth responds:

please see below.


If you had Foreman say Lupis, I would have died laughing.

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Mar 23, 2009
7:20 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody