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I'm an NG noob here (3-24-09) and have been making these quickie cartoons for YouTube... Just for fun. I can't spend lots of time working on these, so try not to judge the animation too harshly. I can see from some of the reviews that you guys have high standards, so I'll do better on the next one. (and I JUST came up with another HOUSE idea this morning). Thanks for watching and for all your comments. Enjoy!



i thought it was really good


not really the best movie ever, but somehow its fun

Toonsmyth responds:

Well as long as you had fun, that's good enough for me. Thanks for watching and for your comment!


It was a good attempt at parodying the show, and I like how you poked fun at it's repetitive formula. However, the jokes and timing could use some more work. The Family Feud reference was a little too gimmicky for me.

On another note, I get pretty annoyed at how many people have given this a zero for their reviews. Notably Hyphron and neochaos21 (since those are the ones I'm reading atm). Clearly this is not a flash that deserves a 0. Even if you didn't like it, there is still effort put into it. There's other ratings than just 10 and 0, seriously.

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Toonsmyth responds:

Thanks for that, I agree that even if it's the most hideous piece of poo I've seen, NOBODY gets a zero if they put time and effort into their submission.

Sorry you didn't enjoy the FF theme. That was really the gag that inspired me to do the whole thing. I think I just wanted record my voice over and over to make the studio audience say "Tuuuuumorrrrrr!" I enjoyed doing that. ;-P


Great start, make it a real series and give it a longer run time! there's mountains of jokes you can make from this show. Keep it up!

Not funny.

Really. It just wasn't remotely funny. It was irrelevant from the style of humor used in House MD but quite honestly, I can't seem to identify what kind of humor in there. Animation was good but the sound quality could obviously use improvement. Well, maybe its just not my style of humor. Still not bad animation.

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4.15 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2009
7:20 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody