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NeonTD BETA 0.90

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Author Comments

NeonTD is back, this time with highscores!

Remeber The Rules!

Towers cannot be placed during rounds
Creeps cant be affected by more than 2 effects (2 of the same counts as 2!)
The Self Operated Turret is the key to victory!


Better than the last one i played, still needs wor

The status effects now help the towers stand out, this is good, and it alos increases the level of stratergy. However i do think this game could use a wider variety of towers.
The game still runs very slwoly, especially as you still haven't added a speed up otpion (why?!).
I only did a few waves before i got broe dof the slow pace, but this game seems easy, even on hard If you actually add an option to increase the pace, Ill play more of it.
Play Gemcraft, its the ultimate TD and you can probably learn a lot from it.
This isn't an awful TD but it could still use some tuning

Alright but nothing new

This game is okay but extemely monotonous with no firing sounds and 5 of the same turret scheme with just a different color on each one its extremely dull. Im glad to see this is just a beta it's an okay game but, your not going to like it very long. I give it a 4 because of it's never ending cycle of the same thing.

Could use some graphic improvements

But this game is ok I guess. I enjoyed it for a short period of time, but it gets boring after 10 minutes.

Also it still has some bugs. Sometimes when I double click on the cannons it says error on check stats and sometimes when hitting the target the bullet gives an error message for doDamage (I think this one occurs when the enemy dies but the bullet still makes the collision)

Long story short add achievements and maybe some more stuff

Fun, but easily breakable.

Ok, initially the game was a great deal of fun. Usually the self-operated turret to shoot down the "creeps" was entertaining, as was watching them get blown away by a hail of gunfire. However soon it becomes rather monotonous, as you simply do the same thing continuously.

Watch as turrets shoot the enemies, if they get past them, then shoot them yourself. In addition, it was a bad idea to have the enemies dying give people money. Because although in the long run it seems to be a good plan, it means that you can just create several turrets around the entrance, and they'll shoot down any enemies that appear.

There doesn't appear to be any sort of plot, which actually bothered me. Why are we shooting these people? What did they do to deserve this? Are we protagonists or antagonists? The details are never made clear.

The background never changes, which would have helped keep the player interested. And the music grates on your nerves after you listen to it for 10-15 minutes.

Finally, lower the amount of lives. The game is easy as it is, having that many lives is overkill.

Overall it could be a very fun game, if you work on certain issues and polish it.


Very simple, yet very addicting

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Credits & Info

2.59 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2009
5:28 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense