.:The Mask:.

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A short movie on the subject of abuse.

Well, I started this movie a few weeks ago as a project for my Health class but then my computer exploded and created a black hole within my hard-drive, destroying everything in it. Well, last Saturday, I got a new computer from my Uncle Joe and I had to re-install flash on it last Sunday. So since the deadline was this morning, I had to remake this entire movie in 5 hours last night. Needless to say I got an A on the grade and my whole class was fascinated with my movie.

Time spent making- 5 hours (I couldn't spend anymore time, sorry)
Grade I got- A!
Total playtime- 1:25min
Time spent crying over how touching it was- 0.35 seconds
Abilities Gained- Able to draw with the mouse a lot better / found my character styles.

This was a speed animation and I hope you enjoy it.



very touching...makes me think differently about the way i thinks about myself and other people...
good job

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Mr-No-Name responds:

Thank you, Mr. DickInYourMouthNoob!


this was awesome. this type of video is diffent than what NG is used to, and i like it. it was touching and made me think about my own life, and what i am doing. This was really great

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Mr-No-Name responds:

nice to know that it had an effect in your life.


touching. yes.
sad yes.
animation.......it was alright.
Artwork. interesting and engaging.
content. sad, dark. we relate well to it.
Overall effort. 5 hours= 5 stars.
the rest is talent.
good job. you touched me to.
what inspired you may i ask though?

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Mr-No-Name responds:

a little book titled, "Breathing Underwater". Read it. It's good.

Not bad.

The plot is very interesting, and depressing. You don't bother to try and make it a lighthearted issue, so kudos for that. The artistric isn't particularly good, but it gets the job done. As you said you were on a time-crunch, so issues like coloring can be ignored. The movie was in fact a little deep, and some of the animation you did, such as turning that tear into a fake smile, was extremely creative.

The characters are all well animated, and I like the proper use of shadowing, both at the beginning and at the end. Overall the music does a good job of conveying the topic, but after a while it just feels to blend in, and is rather easy to ignore.

The only flaws are the artwork, which is explanable by the fact that you had 5 hours to complete this. I also would have preferred dialogue to text, but again, you prboably didn't have enough time or technology to create voices. Overall, a solid film, that could have been improved some.

In addition, the fact that we weren't able to fully comprehend the characters and sympathize with them, as a result of the brevity of the film, does leave the viewer hanging. For instance, why would the girlfriend stay with him after he hit her? Surely she could still leave. Ovrall the issue seems to be somewhat oversimplified, but not to a major degree.

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Mr-No-Name responds:

great review, thanks for being so understanding.

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3.93 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2009
4:46 PM EDT