.:The Mask:.

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A short movie on the subject of abuse.

Well, I started this movie a few weeks ago as a project for my Health class but then my computer exploded and created a black hole within my hard-drive, destroying everything in it. Well, last Saturday, I got a new computer from my Uncle Joe and I had to re-install flash on it last Sunday. So since the deadline was this morning, I had to remake this entire movie in 5 hours last night. Needless to say I got an A on the grade and my whole class was fascinated with my movie.

Time spent making- 5 hours (I couldn't spend anymore time, sorry)
Grade I got- A!
Total playtime- 1:25min
Time spent crying over how touching it was- 0.35 seconds
Abilities Gained- Able to draw with the mouse a lot better / found my character styles.

This was a speed animation and I hope you enjoy it.


Put on a Smile

I am one who walks the path of a happy face. I put on my mask everyday, why? Because I don't want anybody to worry about me, it's my job to worry about them. I for one love the message you're sending and it has given me a good bit to think about it really has. Your artwork was a bit mediocre, good though, I did like the dark shadows you placed upon your characters. I did enjoy the animation, again mediocre, but good. The story, this message is actually a good one and it needs to be spread. However I would like you to remake this and make it longer by showing the benefits of removing the mask, remember the song choice is quite a long song and has its happy and bittersweet moments in it as well. All in all a very decent flash submission for the Newgrounds portal. Congratulations on your A, you deserved it.

|| Good Points ||
*Good Artwork
*Good Animation
*Great Story
*Superb Sound
*Love the Message

|| Bad Points ||
*Make A Remake - Make It Longer

Mr-No-Name responds:

Awesome 4 u

Good message!

I thought this was a change of pace for the portal! I loved the message you tried to convey through this unique metaphor of hiding your emotions behind a mask. I really liked it, I'm happy you got a good grade.

However, since this is an animation site, I suppose I have to critique it based on how well it was animated as well. I wasn't a fan of the artwork, I'm sorry. I still really appreciate the message you tried to put this message across.

Good job!

- Jamie

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Mr-No-Name responds:

um... K.

Great Job!

Proves you don't an "uber-goodlooking" flash to make an impact on someone, as you have done with me. Sorry to hear about your computer, must have been a real pain in the ass that one. Well, great work mate. :)

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Mr-No-Name responds:

It was at first, but when the pressure is on, I get good.


Can't get much better than that for 5 hours. Very well though through and perceptive. As Spartan500 said, defianately a different flash than what Newgrounds is used to, but it's good to get a different view once in a while.

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Mr-No-Name responds:

I agree completely on that. Try something different everyday.


I don't even care that the animation wasn't that good. Fo 5 hrs. work you really can't expect much better. The subject was great. Very touching. Didn't cry but definately got goosebumps. 5/10. If it were up to me I'd would've give you an A+

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Mr-No-Name responds:

So did my teacher, lol.

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Mar 23, 2009
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