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A paedophile story

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John Kricfalusi would be proud!

I have to agree with Zombie-Pimp on this one, it had the kind of feeling associated with Ren & Stimpy, along with Gwar. In other words, I'm not surprised why you haven't been hired by Spumco yet. Aside from that...

In terms of art and animation, fans of the aforementioned cartoon and band will love this. The animation is excellent and made use of background textures rather than a conventional bg. As much as I'm for the likes of Spawn and Fist of the North Star; I also take delight in old cartoon styled animation. The soundwork is also great and it doesn't use the R&S soundtrack, which is an added bonus. In addition, I also approve of the lack of voices, which focused attention on the visual gags. Speaking of which, the content was pretty original and funny as hell. Aside from Gwar, Dean Packis (Rats on Cocaine), and Family Guy; I don't think anyone has made jokes about something so horrible as child rape. Plain rape, maybe, but I digress.

What I do like:
-Great art and animation
-Nice music
-Reasonable filesize

What I don't like:
-People who hate the R&S style or are easily offended will trash this all to hell.

Overall: Here's a ten for you on behalf of making me laugh.

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that's how it iz. a vicouz circle~!!~

i find myself watching weirder and weirder stuff

pretty much how pedos start O_o

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very artistic!

no voices, it brought the idea along very well without voices, which really made this a piece of art. Very good animation, as well.

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I think...I'm gonna choose not to understand this.

I liked the animation and seeing paedophile guts :P
The entire thing was kinda strange but that only makes it better, plus the kid liked lemon sweets ^^

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4.41 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2009
3:32 PM EDT