A paedophile story

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This animation is from a new website which will be like nothing you have ever come across before. Have a look at www.theratbook.com and register your thoughts.


I liked the end

Throughout the "story" it was disturbing and odd. But at the end, with a candy of mercy instead of rape, it made me smile. Good flash.


u misspell pedophile


you know your shit is fucked up in the right kind of way when masteraardvark likes it lol. i had to watch this twice in a row just to appreciate what i had witnessed.


No hay nada mas que decir mas que SUBLIME.
Nothing more to say than sublime :P . XD

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Good Video, Bad Site.

While the video is insightful and has a roundabout way of showing that events in your past really shape who you are in the future as a person, I'd like to point out that www.theratbook.com is no longer up. It was a site that showed lists of known pedophiles' names so they could be shunned and watched, but it added in the names of those who had been acquitted of all charges, found innocent, or who has merely been accused of the crime and had not yet had so much as a trial. It has been pulled officially, as it was being run by a British man living in Spain who was known for running protection rackets and who would "accept donations" from the accused to take down the posts. A new site has been put up to only shame those who have been Convicted of Pedophilia. Visit it at http://chris-uk.org I'm not promoting it, just saying it's changed from one run irresponsibly to a new one run with good intentions. Thanks.

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Mar 23, 2009
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