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A paedophile story

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This animation is from a new website which will be like nothing you have ever come across before. Have a look at www.theratbook.com and register your thoughts.

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Holy shit. I rememeber seeing this. SO many years ago.

This is the first time I tried going to the rat book website. It appears to.... not exist? Is the project dead?

wow this is truly beautiful and spectacular!!

when i first clicked on the video i thought it would be something funny (it was at first) then it turned in a serious tone which is reality(also became creepy) then it ended in a great way.

very emotional indeed

..poor kids...

..bunch of freakin people..wastin lives..cause they are bunch of waste of lives too...but they don know wat theyve done to thhose kids...*sniff*

This is intense...

Great animation, has the story unfold it is quite disturbing and yet really meaningfull the message it get through the viewers.Thumb up for the really good job.

I'm surprised I get it!

Does it mean if you are shown love when you are young, you will become a proper adult and not a Pedophile?

Either we it looked really proffesional