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The game may have some issues loading in the NG Player - Use Pop-Up Mode for best results.

Introduction -

After my first year of newgrounds membership, I feel its time to get the ball rolling (no pun intended) with my new lineup of games. I've become more serious about my flash work and this is the Lite version of my newest gem, 8Ball. A comparison of my first 3 submissions to this piece will show considerable improvement as far as my programming skills go... And I want all my fans to know that I'm stepping up my work and I'm on the road to becoming a well-known author, expect more work like this in the future.

Objectives -

The objective of 8Ball is to guide the 8 Ball (billiards ball) through a winding maze and collect stars along the way for points. Keep in mind that this is only the Lite version, so its stripped of many game features including a Highscores table and Saving. This is a quick play through but it still provides some fun nonetheless. Enjoy - and keep in mind to look out for the PRO version, its also going to be FREE! right here on newgrounds.

PRO will include -

20 Levels
Highscore Table
Custom Level Editor (Maybe)
"Embed This Game" features (Yet Again, not 100% on this)
More Obstacles
Imrpoved Physics/Graphics
A much cleaner Pseudo-3D environment

So enjoy this for now


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good for a demo and all but this could have used a few more levels instead of the 4 that were here.


Waaaaaayyyy too easy

It was ok....

The principle is a good one and everyone loves an eightball right? I just don't think the graphics looked very polished, the wall lines looked a bit scrappy and the tune in the background was bloomin' awful - high pitched and repeatative....

Not too shabby!

My only complaint is that we seem to be getting a lot of these types of games here. Still, this was one of the better ones. One noteworthy thing: I couldn't get it to load at all using the "pop-up" mode; it loaded much better when I reverted to "full screen" mode.

click anywhere for main menu

i did. and refreshed the page but did not change it. that is the only flaw tho. thought you should know.
the rest is good. interesting concept although not to original.
overall a little bit of goofy 8 ball fun. well done team :D:D:D

Xaotik responds:

Team? I'm only one person...

Credits & Info

2.87 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2009
2:02 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other