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Hey everybody it's finally out! RUN IN A POP-UP
I released it and I'm loving it! I hope you will too!
This is V3. It has no bugs that I'm aware of, but notify me of any that you find. RUN IN A POP-UP. I don't know how MUCH I have to stress that, run it in a pop up and you won't get frusterated and never play it again because you can't see all the pieces. Everybody, thanks for all the ideas, and ENJOY, and that's an order!

Riley Smith


Best game ever

This game is my favorite game on the this site its great for taking up time. Some things
I would like ,like the people below me, mini gun stuff and more 50 cal. and maybe a paint tool for camouflage patters and colors and a save feature or a way to make the gun bigger for picture.
PS. I'm not trying to down your game Im trying to make it better
PSS. and a reset feature should be in there too.

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desertthunder responds:

Im workin on 50 cal and minigun stuff, and a reset button has already been made. check my blog for updates! http://www.freewebs.com/roflwoffl/

little bug

my friend found a bug yesterday 1 of the scopes isnt clickable the third in the second row im not sure but i think its that 1 so could u take a look

that was the last thing i wanna say is this game is freaking awesome!

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desertthunder responds:

Yup, I fixed that bug!

Guns & awsomeness

This game rocks!Just now,I made a Grenade launcher with the attachement of an auto-matic armor percing exploding bullet!

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Man keep makin these games they ROCK I'd like to see minigun parts:)

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desertthunder responds:

Minigun eh? Ill see what I can do!


i made a 100 round fully auto 50 caliber sniper (with grenade launcher attachment, awesome game dude really thinking out side that box please make more with more guns and just a great job don't leave us.

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desertthunder responds:

Lol I sure will keep on going!

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4.17 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2009
12:55 PM EDT
Gadgets - Construction Set