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Hey everybody it's finally out! RUN IN A POP-UP
I released it and I'm loving it! I hope you will too!
This is V3. It has no bugs that I'm aware of, but notify me of any that you find. RUN IN A POP-UP. I don't know how MUCH I have to stress that, run it in a pop up and you won't get frusterated and never play it again because you can't see all the pieces. Everybody, thanks for all the ideas, and ENJOY, and that's an order!

Riley Smith


Well damn done

I love that you expanded on the original AK variant looks. Aside from the muzzle break I was able to make a few of my favorite rifles. The artwork on these games are well done and I think it would be possible to expand from here into making 'functional' bolt action (like have items that when you add them you can have a button to 'cycle bolt'), other ideas would be to associate sounds with certain receivers so an AK can have sounds 1-4 of AK sounds, an M16 can have sounds 1-4 of M16 sounds. With that you could expand to 'fire single round', 'fire burst', and 'dump mag'. This would segue into a more functional game where you could fire the weapons and stuff! Keep on keepin on, these simulators are a hell of a lot of fun for a gun nut like myself :)


This is REALLY awesome. But in the next version, You should put names of the guns next to the premaed ones.

this i s so cool

this is so cool its 10/10 i use it in pivot 3 beta its so awsome yeah

I agree with Graphicnave

This does need a save so I can show the world my creation. Other than that, needs more cowbell, but, good game. 5/5

one thing

u sould be able to save it other than that this game rocks :D

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Mar 23, 2009
12:55 PM EDT
Gadgets - Construction Set