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Create A Gun V3

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Hey everybody it's finally out! RUN IN A POP-UP
I released it and I'm loving it! I hope you will too!
This is V3. It has no bugs that I'm aware of, but notify me of any that you find. RUN IN A POP-UP. I don't know how MUCH I have to stress that, run it in a pop up and you won't get frusterated and never play it again because you can't see all the pieces. Everybody, thanks for all the ideas, and ENJOY, and that's an order!

Riley Smith


Love it!

Great game, but I would really like to see some colors.


if this isn't celebrating the 2nd amendment i don't know what is (besides actualy making a real gun from scratch)

certainly plenty of variety...

this is kinda cool, tons of guns and pieces to choose from, but the one thing keeping me from giving this a 10 is that you cant carry your gun into the second page...

the main problem is, all the gun sounds are on the second page... and all the best parts are on the first page...

i cant create an awesome gun and then try to find sounds for it because when i change to the second page, my gun gets deleted.

although what i find strange is... why is it we can take parts from the second page, and when we select "back", those gun pieces get carried over onto the first page?

that makes no sense having the first page's pieces get reset when changing pages, but the second page's pieces carry over...

well, aside from that, its still awesome, but maybe you could work on those problems?

nice job with it, still. :D

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Awsome game

I think its a great game but everything too bunched and should have it so u can really shot them against other players but other than that its great.

blown off my damn chair!

awesomeness at it's best!
this game is the best!
creating your own weapon something many people dreamed off and now you can finally build one! maybe not a real one.. but it still pwns ass

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4.17 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2009
12:55 PM EDT
Gadgets - Construction Set