Villagers Defense

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You have building materials, 3 types of towers and mad-kamikaze-villagers at your command.
Have fun!

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Very cool!

All this needed was an option to continue the lvl after victory.......... Lvls were too short :p but I liked!

Poor English

Am I the only one who noticed how bad the English was?
Not a very fun games and it was hard to tell whether or not you were killing your enemies. The graphics were also very... odd. Not bad, but odd.

On Tower Defense Games

By itself this isn't a particularly BAD game, but there's nothing that makes it better than all the other tower defense games out there.

The problem is that if I wanted to play a tower defense game, I'd have a variety of games to choose from. Although you try to mix it up by creating a variety of towers, the fact that you need to kill enemies to make money is rather frustrating, as there are key points where foes are swarming you, and there is no way to get rid of them. Also, there seems to be a difficulty curve like running straight into a brick wall. If I have immense problems getting past the initial level, then you shold find some way to make the game easier. Either through a tutorial stage that explains in detail how the game works, or by ditching the money aspect entirely.

The plot is just a shell for the game, which is fine. But there are typos throughout, which could have been corrected by a simple proofreading.

The music is solid, and the animation is fine. Not great mind you, but Advance Wars-esque. It gets the job done, in other words.

Although by itself this is a mediocre tower defense game, it doesn't help that there is so much competition that it has to be ranked lower. These kinds of games just plead for innovation, and nobody seems to be able to deliver.

Hard game

Thats is a hard game that calls for a collection

Wow.. Easy

Now, I'm a big fan of tower defense games and this is a fun one. Not very fleshed out and intricate mind you, but an easy, fun time waster.

It's a very easy game, very little plot, but if you have nothing to do and your sitting around on Newgrounds, this is a rather good way to pass time.

If you like tower defense games of coarse.

Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2009
9:52 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense