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Purgatory Pizza!

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EDIT: Holy Wow, frontpage AND Daily 1st! You've made a very happy DEATHBEAR. Thanks Newgrounds!

Behold the flash version of Purgatory Pizza.

You may notice near-instantaneous distortions of either time or space while viewing this cartoon. Do not fear, this is only your mortal mind attempting to comprehend the infinite nothingness of Purgatory. Enjoy.

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I totally hopes this turns into a series cause this was funny as hell and had some crazy characters in it i loved their designs and personalities also with great voice acting as well,i got a kick out of this flash for real and hope you make more in the future.


i love it cant get enough its llike a cookie i want another one and not just two i mean 10 or 50

Very cool

I love the use of videogame scenes as transitions. That was cool.

Make a series.

This is one of the best things I've seen on NG.
You should definitely make it into a full series.

tihs makes pergatory look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i saw all the tens and i said, "oh no, if i dont like this, im going to look like a jerk!"
THIS WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please, please, i speak on behalf of me, and everyone else, please make this a series. i would love that so much. this was like the perfect movie! This was the godfather of newgrounds!!!!!!!!!