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tha puzzle game "tetris" OK is Short OK, OK now Instructions: Up Key: Change forms, Down Key: faster, LEFT RIGHT keys: move. Enjoy


NOT Tetris

You simply should not compare this game to tetris. In tetris, you are able to see the block that's coming up, allowing you to plan ahead, while here you just have to hope to get lucky. In addition, there is absolutely no music or a background, both of which would have made the game interesting, and were present in the original tetris. To make matters even worse, the blocks fall much faster than they do in normal tetris, and here you have no option to slow them down.

I believe that you have programming skill. Utilize better next time.

Raesen responds:

OK, but it is a new version jeje. I don't know how to make the block that coming up. and you should make the lines with blocks of any color is new for me, okay? I'm new too.

improve it!

nice working engine. but make the game attractive, just improve design and add some fx.

Raesen responds:

OK, i think so

almost good

well done with the the exception oflack of sound as swell as there was no inbound shapes on the side. sorry for the poor writing, I am currently drunk.

Raesen responds:

Yes I Know

Everyone loves Tetris, but I did not like this.

I would have reconsidered if the guy's face got worried when you got close to the top. Or perhaps if I couldn't see the grid (sure it's helpful, but it looks tacky and the game is more fun without being able to see it). If you were just trying to submit something to show use of flash, that is fine, but I think this needs much, much more before it can be considered a game.

No music, no SFX, no original elements.
Add that stuff in, maybe a new element, and some artwork that doesn't look like it was made in MS Paint (NO offense) - and you'd have something decent - even if it was still just a remade tetris - people might like it.


It's not like tetris at all. In REAL tetris, one could see which type of block would be the next, and you should have put some music in the background at least. Don't copy the idea, it's not worth it. Even though it is a classic game, don't make anything like that again.

Raesen responds:

Oh, read tha answer of "NOT tetris" by: MrGregoryHouse

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1.81 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2009
2:03 AM EDT
Puzzles - Falling