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SUPER 8 Cinema

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Mar 22, 2009 | 8:07 PM EDT

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Author Comments

HOPE, JOY and FEAR is one of the life's most powerful moments.
In this compilation I tried to offer abstract expierience of that moments trough
aestetics of super 8mm clips.
To watch clips you must drag 8mm roles into projector. This interactive flash is hommeage to forgotten technology and that whole 8mm experience (ritual of putting 8mm slides and watching your personal memories).
Visual style is minimalistic, just with lines and scratches which gave more 'feeling' to abstract nature of moments. Music is from Yann Tiersen, amazing musician and composer.

PS. My advice is to watch clips in order they are shown in the menu... ENJOY



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Enough said...


Rated 5 / 5 stars

You captured the feel of super 8 almost perfectly

I didn't think many people here would even know about super 8 film or even anything else about small gauge film making as craft.

If you added a slight flicker within your animation it would have the look of 8mm film dead on but the simple scratches you did was a nice effect too.

You could even color in your drawings and include some subtle light and shadow because while your drawings were extremely good.

a small touch of lights and shadows would have pushed you into daily first easily.

I hope people who see this take your little short as inspiration and than go to a flea market, yard sale, garage sale, antique shop or even the internet.

Get there hands on a super 8 or kodak brownie because they can use the camera to make there own little movies and while it would take more work and money to get it internet ready with the combined cost of film, developing film and telecine costs to get it internet ready.

The craft of small gauge film making never died in fact there are kids around the age of regular newgrounds users making there own small films just for fun and while it is a somewhat expensive endeavor.

It is also artistically satisfying much in the same way as making a complete frame by frame movie such as this.

It would be a shame if you spent all this money to get film, develop it, than telecine it and lastly either watch it for reference or tracing over the footage because than your doing all this hard work for the newgrounds audience that has no appreciation for the art of photography.

I say fuck them because photography is an art and should be a craft that more animators take up.

If you did in fact use somekind of film for reference i hope it was something you taped on a digital camera instead of actual 8mm film.

If i had used actual 8mm film than i would have shown in it the flash while capturing the feel.

you did a lot more work than you really needed to make this little masterpiece and it shows.


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i liked the idea of dragging the tape to the projector...
U used classical music-fantastic
The effects were just like from matrix :D (especially the Fear)
This isnt just a movie...This is an ART!

BTW: it rlly looked like an old film which makes this ART even BetR

of course i give ya 10 !
Again Congratz :D


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1.) Presentation - I thought the use of dragging the film into the projection was creative and original. It corresponds with your overall theme of Super Cinema 8. Also, by allowing the user to choose which film to watch, they pick their own mood - the mood being established by Hope, or fear for example.
2.) Style - The artwork fit the music choice for me, or vice versa depending on how one thinks. In "Fear" i did notice the same animation was used quite repetitively and perhaps a bit more of a difference could have made the piece more dynamic, but it was successful in either case.
3.) Animation - I thought it was very good. Rotating around an object is not easy, frame by frame. I thought you captured that very well. I also thought the running man, and the running dog was realistic movement and speed. Keep going with that.

Overall, I think this is the caliber of animation that most should strive to achieve. It's a level that should be breached, meaning you could certainly get better, but this is a great spot to be in and I hope you continue to create works because I think you are very creative and artistic. 5/5 and 10/10, thank you for inspiration.

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that was cool but i think i got high off of that second one lol u have talent even if this isnt my type of flash