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SUPER 8 Cinema

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HOPE, JOY and FEAR is one of the life's most powerful moments.
In this compilation I tried to offer abstract expierience of that moments trough
aestetics of super 8mm clips.
To watch clips you must drag 8mm roles into projector. This interactive flash is hommeage to forgotten technology and that whole 8mm experience (ritual of putting 8mm slides and watching your personal memories).
Visual style is minimalistic, just with lines and scratches which gave more 'feeling' to abstract nature of moments. Music is from Yann Tiersen, amazing musician and composer.

PS. My advice is to watch clips in order they are shown in the menu... ENJOY

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this is one of the strangest works i've come acrossed. NICE!!!


fear was best


No idea what that word means but someone mentioned it and it sounded as if it fit right. The animation was naturalistic which is always a pleasure to watch, and the simplicity of this 'squiggle-vision' collection of shorts was beautiful only because the music held it together, but some of the imagery (what was that? one of your 10 year old friends in a rain coat?) were a bit out of place. I also loved the interactive Main Menu btw

great syle and direction

I loved the style....the wobbly outlines and the sepia on yellow...very nice ....i liked the way the scenes were composed. The use of music is great. Conceptually though the potential of showing hope, joy and fear through an abstract treatment is infinite.

Animation is a biyt jerky in places.

For me fear is the best of the three, it really builds up a mood, the quick cuts with the violin score is great. The bulb and the camera following the bullet were beautiful images to punctuate the film. The music is great and the treatment enhanced its impact on my mind.

Overall great work i hope more such films are put up here!


cool.. good idea... kind of abstract.. different from your other works as you "rotoscoped" or film traced a lot of this.. it was cool tho.. it allowed you to animate shots you couldnt have hand drawn or timed so well.. but like someone else said the plant looks choppy. that's because the vid you traced was a stop motion of a plant growing.. you should have faked the in between frames with some hand drawn ones.. I would say it was about 80-85 percent rotoscoped... I could tell what parts you drew by hand and which were traces.. so it made it a little inconsistent to me.. over all a cool and original project... good music.