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Kingball is a unique game that combines golf, pinball and platforms. The aim of the game is to fling the ball around platforms and moving obstacles to land it in the hole (at the base of the flag) in as few shots as possible. There are 3 courses to choose from, each with varying levels of difficulty. There are also 3 difficulty modes to choose from, ranging from nice and easy to the insane to really test you patience.

Use you left mouse button to power up.
Move your mouse to point the arrow in the direction you want to hit.
Press Ctrl to reduce power (with left button still pressed)
Release the mouse to let it fly!

Scoring works in a similar way to golf where the aim is to complete each hole in as few shots as possible.

Par is the average number of shots a hole should take. You will earn higher points for being under par, but not so many for being over par.

Each progressive difficulty level will give you less 'ball stickiness', more power and in turn less control. However, if you can master these difficulty levels, you will be in for much higher points as the par increases with difficulty.



im on practice and i got the ball in the hole from i think 84 time in easy mode... but nice game!

Fun, great physics and art.

Fun game, great concept.
Great actionscript physics.
Great artwork.

I don't know anything to make it better than it already is.
Actually I do, you should make a multiplayer version.
Look into php xml sockets.

shockwood responds:

Cheers Lantay77, I'm looking into that as well as an editor for people to create their own levels.


Very FUN and Creative game. By the way, I had the last vote to pass your game. =]

shockwood responds:

Thanks TalkingDoughnut :)

Chasemann angry

It helps if something actualy happens.

shockwood responds:

Hi Chaseman, there was a preloader error. The game has now been updated, apologies.

Pretty good.

The ball seems very "Heavy" for its size. Pretty interesting game. Maybe add music in the future?

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3.16 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2009
7:21 PM EDT
Sports - Golf