Snow Wars Introduction

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This is a trailer/introduction.

Created with LS Maker, video camera, and flash.

This took a long time and a lot of effort. Hell this was made when there was still snow on the ground as you can see in the flash itself. It's just being done now.

This is episode 1 of 3. The reason it's split up into three episodes is because the file would be way too big if we would try to fit it all into one.

Please enjoy and review. Leave your youtube comments to yourself and remember that every type of movie is welcome on newgrounds. Not just flash. Remember Numa Numa right?

Sorry for the bad quality in video and also audio, but it's the only way to get such a big file to fit without being like 50 MB's.

Watch the high quality version here. (minus the space)

http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=wt3RJZGhys4&feature =channel_page

Like always, thanks to http://miharuforever.newg rounds.com/ for doing the flash related things. He will be coed on the submission if he wants to be. I'll talk to him about it.

It would probably help if you watched Hay Wars first just so you knew what was going on and everything even though there isn't too much of a story yet. :)

http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/449113



got kinda blurry/bright at times, but also pretty funny and well made
also like the background music

Fro responds:

Yeah, the video quality was poor making it too bright at times.

I'm happy that you liked the humor, and the music was really good. I give props to PlsurUCantMeshur for finding it.

Thanks for the review.

I liked it

It was very good the acting was pretty good i like how you can introduce flash with video

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Fro responds:

Thanks for your review.

They are always greatly appreciated.

On the right track - not quite there yet

Hi, Corky,

Sorry, I'm not a big fan of the all-live video as a flash - just my opinion, though. Had there been rotoscoping or additional flash animation along with the live action, well, that's generally more interesting to watch.

The movie does have a plot line, and the sound track is dramatic and appropriate. However, the video quality is poor, and in many cases, overexposed to almost all-white conditions.

The acting is stiff, like a school play. The characters need to loosen up a bit. There was a little humor ("Do you know what day it is?" - "uh, June 5th?" - but there's snow everywhere) that helps, but sometimes too much humor can offset the drama you're trying to create.

It seems that you have all the raw materials you need - you just have to hone it down and refine it a bit. And maybe throw in some simple rotoscope animation (like when he shoots the gun, a lazer beam comes from it - or when someone gets shot, some blood effects)

But you're on the right track. Clean it up, and try it again! Hope this helps...

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Fro responds:

You didn't like the acting? We've won awards for best acting before. :( I thought we were just a tad bit better than what you said.

I understand the whole opinion on movies and everything on newgrounds. That's perfectly fine. The original file is over 50 MB and this was the next step down so that's the best the quality is going to get.

Sadly, there is lasers when he shoots the guns. :( Pay closer attention and you will see them. (There was some flash mixed with the animation then)

Blood might be added in future submissions though. I never thought about that.

Thanks for the review.

There's going to be more of them, right? :P

It's been a while since I've written a review, so I'm a bit cold about how this works.

Alright, so I've got to say you put yourselves in a difficult place, with the building expectation from Hay Wars. Still, you kept your cool under the cold pressure of your fans, and did pretty well. I like the whole "rallying your troops" skit and how, even though the leaders are mortal enemies, they still have a lot in common, like having to deal with the incompetence of their drone buddies (maybe I should act in the next one.)
I don't quite get why one guy was holding a tree branch, was it there just for the lulz? The acting was actually believable to a certain degree, and the choreography was great. So....with all great home-made movies, I have to ask this: was anything in it improvised, or was it all planned out before shooting took place? Either way, it made me laugh, so great job, and I look forward to seeing more like this.

I almost forgot, for the constructive criticism, I would say the introduction was a little awkward; I think it was supposed to be a parody of other movies openings, but it didn't quite get through-Try having the words come at you, and over do-it by making it a long sequence, and have someone read it as it flies by.
Other than that, I thought it was brilliant, even if a bit too short.

P.S. great work on the main menu

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Fro responds:

The guy with the tree branch was for lulz. Thank you for paying attention enough to see this. :)

Everything was sort of planned out, but we made all the lines up there on the spot pretty much.

Next time I'm going to make the really slow, exaggerated Star Wars intro that slowly rolls up the screen.

Thanks for the great review. :)


One thing:

TURN UP THE VOLUME. I couldnt unerstand anything they were saying. :'(

Fro responds:

You turn your volume up.

No in all reality that was the best I could get the audio without it messing up. Sorry. :(

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Mar 22, 2009
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