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Snow Wars Introduction

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Comedy - Parody

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Mar 22, 2009 | 5:14 PM EDT

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Author Comments

This is a trailer/introduction.

Created with LS Maker, video camera, and flash.

This took a long time and a lot of effort. Hell this was made when there was still snow on the ground as you can see in the flash itself. It's just being done now.

This is episode 1 of 3. The reason it's split up into three episodes is because the file would be way too big if we would try to fit it all into one.

Please enjoy and review. Leave your youtube comments to yourself and remember that every type of movie is welcome on newgrounds. Not just flash. Remember Numa Numa right?

Sorry for the bad quality in video and also audio, but it's the only way to get such a big file to fit without being like 50 MB's.

Watch the high quality version here. (minus the space) tch?v=wt3RJZGhys4&feature =channel_page

Like always, thanks to http://miharuforever.newg for doing the flash related things. He will be coed on the submission if he wants to be. I'll talk to him about it.

It would probably help if you watched Hay Wars first just so you knew what was going on and everything even though there isn't too much of a story yet. :) /portal/view/449113



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


I must first apologize for my previous reviews, even though it is hard to admit, they were obviously abusive.

I finally watched the whole thing, which I discovered was over only 30 seconds after I stopped watching the last time. It was still boring to me.

Things that need improvement.

If this is suppose to be in three parts, then you should submit all three parts, because there is not enough story in this part to grab my attention whatsoever. Maybe I would get it better if you had all three parts. I guess my sense of humor is not good enough, because I didn't think the jokes were funny, I thought they were obvious and tried too hard. The subtle art of comedy is a tough one to grasp.

As far as graphics go, you can barely see the "effects" you put in when you're shooting people. I don't know if you have these effects on the "higher quality" version, but this is a review on the version you submitted to this website. You need to look into a different lens or something if you're going to film in the snow, because the lighting is pretty bad at times, and maybe that's not your fault, but it makes hard to see at times.

Your sound was decent, the music was pretty much the only thing I liked, I thought it fit well. The menu was simple but pretty nice.

Overall I still give this a 3.

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Fro responds:

No worries. Great review. You didn't have to change your score though. I was perfectly fine with the 0 you gave me. It had nothing to do with score just the review.

Ha, I knew you almost watched it all because it wasn't too much longer than 2 minutes.

The other two parts have well around 1,000 lasers that need to be drawn and edited. They won't be done for another year probably. That's how much work actually goes into these.

The newgrounds version completely fucked the effects. They look great on youtube though. For an example of better lasers watch the prequel to this called Hay Wars.

The camera was old, but that has nothing to do with video quality. The only reason it was that bad was because we had two choices for quality. The good quality was over 50 MB and this quality was the only one that was going to be small enough. We had to go with this one.

The sound was a great choice by my roommate.

Like I said, you could have kept your 0. I would have been perfectly fine with that.

Great review though. Can we put this all behind us now?


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Not too bad, the effects were kinda good, but I reckon the intro where you mention the name of the flash and your previous flashes lasted a while, and the text 'swaying' around was a bit too boring.

It had great humour and good sounds.
The actor introductions cutting into the speech were a bit dull, maybe next time you should include some sort of humourous picture of the actor next to the name, so we have something to look at.

Sorry if the review's too short or crap itself, but I suck at writing them. ;)

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Fro responds:

The review is awesome actually. The text was my problem. I messed it up, and didn't have the knowledge to fix it properly so it had to do for the time.

Next time it won't be that poor.

The actors next to their names is what should have been done. I really like that idea.

Thanks for the review.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

War is a dish best served snowy . . .

The audio is pretty good. Everyone is coming in clear, and the choice of music is appropriate.

The write is good, very good. Most of the jokes are pretty funny, others are very funny, but a few missed. Your "like brothers" bit was golden. Most of Nicks lines were good too. Some jokes that didn't do it for me were "not another one" at the end, and the second time facemask dude tells Nick the date. It was funny the first time, but repetition doesn't really do it for me. I normally don't dwell on it, but second helpings of decent jokes seem to be one of your motifs, and I feel that it hurts you comedically. But that's just an opinion based on personal taste. Even so, if you can keep up this level of humor for the entire duration, however long that is, then you'll be sitting on gold. If this is going to be your opening, I'd recommend clipping it down a bit. Nick kinda repeats himself when talking about enemy pain. His first line about it was good, the second was weak by comparison.

Your acting talent was noticeable. But you seem to be switching between a normal guy accent (good) and a drill sergeant accent (bad). Consistency in your regular guy voice would have been better, but I'm guessing it's too late to fix that now. VO is a bitch that isn't worth the effort. Everything else concerning your acting was expectedly professional. Nick was good too. Facemask guy, could use some work.

I have a problem with a few of your slates. Any slate with an actors name on it should usually be followed with a shot of that person for visual identification purposes, but you and Nick followed every title slate. When several characters aren't identified the audience finds it very hard to follow what's happening to whom. Continuity breaks only aggravate the situation.

You seem to have run into a problem as far as storytelling is concerned. Comedy, even parody, while ridiculous in nature, shouldn't break certain rules, these being rules concerning cinematography, which you have no problem with, and rules governing continuity, which you have disregarded. While it's funny to see you kill your own men, they should still stay dead. When they don't, your story appears to function non-linearly, which is somewhat of a problem. It's probably too late to fix that, but you could take it into account in the future.

Most of the lighting is pretty good, although you may be overusing halo lighting. A few of the earlier shots were whited out, but you fixed the problem later on. If you can replace those shots, or cut them off early, do it. It will maintain a consistency in quality.

You seem to be setting up for something pretty good. It's the best I've seen from you yet. I'm looking forward to the final, hit me up when it's posted.

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Fro responds:

The review of a professional movie critic.

Can't say thanks enough.

Also, I was Facemask guy. :( I was just trying a different voice that didn't work.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

pretty good!

Good points:
Audio overall good; you can hear everything
Sounds effects good.
Flash parts well designed.

Things for fixing:
A little bit of pixelation in the video, however, not bad enough where it makes the video bad.
the sun in the camera.
The time with the transition of the text in the beginning: I feel that it took too long, but maybe I just read fast; and When it says, "The highly anticipated" anticipated is halfway off the screen, so you can not see it too well.

Overall, I liked it, and I will be waiting for the full movie out soon! :)

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Fro responds:

Text problem is my fault and is noted.

The sun problem is something I will take notice of in the future. (Sometimes you don't think of it when your taping)

And well.. that's all I can fix though. :P

Thanks for the review.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Funny vid

This video was very funny & obviously had a good effort from the cast. I enjoyed both this and Hay Wars, however Beneath the Sheets is by far my favorite. I look forward to more of your videos in the future!

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Fro responds:

If a fan like you likes Beneath the Sheets better than I need to make more horror related films. Will do.

Thanks for the review.