Marble Madness Extreme

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Its a really cool game i made a good while back
my sister did the art though so i give some credit to her

Update:Err there's a little bug were it may not load on the first try so just reopen the window

It even has a Level Creater!


Good job!

Good animation, great dynamics, very challenging. Keep it up. :D

Good game

It was frustrating at parts, but it wasn't impossible. Good Job

For all those people who say this game is "way to hard" no its not. I beat the second level on my first try, as for the others, they may be hard, but if you take your time and not try to be the level like your running from a nuke... then its easy. well easier.

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well...heres the scoop!

i believe that its a great game! it does get a bit hard around level 2 but its only hard when you rush. just take them slow and timed out and you'll be fine. there is one problem i had with it and that is when i respawned my ball kept rolling the way i last hit it. so if i died going left and the path from the first tile is right i went left when i respawned and restarted without even hitting an arrow key. im gona give you a nice 8/10 stars...i love the graphics tho ^_^ ill give ya a 5/5 for that and hey...dont listen to the others who say its "to hard" or "doesnt load" he clearly says that and i quote! "Update:Err there's a little bug were it may not load on the first try so just reopen the window" and the game is hard only b/c you MAKE it hard! your not being timed and your not on a lifes scale so just take your time and have fun!

supercoco responds:


Learning curve? What's that?

Oh man, if there's ever been a harsh level curve, it's this game. The first level is a 4-square straight line, then the next one and you're already wrestling a shark being controlled by a bear trained by Master *****ing Roshi.

But that just makes it all the more fun. The satisfaction of beating a level reaches astronomical levels, and challenging your friends and hearing their screams of anger and frustration... I feel so refreshed. Now it's their turn to hear my screams, as I _WILL_ beat this game!

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this is a really good game.

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2.34 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2009
9:54 AM EDT
Action - Other