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NOTE: This is the old dumbed down Flash version of Solar 1, the Xbox 360 Indie game that would eventually become Solar 2 for PC. Do NOT judge Solar 2 on this game, there is over 2 years of development time between them.


I took the mechanics and graphics from my Xbox LIVE game and turned it into a different, fun little game that better suits the Flash platform :)

The Xbox version is heaps better though, give the free trial version a try today! (check out my profile for details)

For the Flash version, the goal is simple. Create the largest Solar System you can. Bigger Solar System = More Points. But be careful, things can get chaotic!


better if was full game

this would be a lot better if it was the full game and i played the xbox version it sucks ass this is way better but its is a little hard and unlimited tie would be nice


It was alright, not particularly fun and extremely limited. Also it you weren't such a corporate whore it might help too, I mean could you cram any more Xboxes into that description?

Quite frankly I have no idea why this is front page as it is a useless game, maybe the full version is more playable, but you can't base your review of something on its potential. That this got frontpage doesn't sit well with me, especially when there was far better content out this week. It seems to me as though the powers that be have put this out there not on merit but as sponsored content without advertising it as such.

But im ranting.. In summary, poor game with average physics and the lack of options or any real point beyond score make it bland and not particularly fun or replayable. I honestly got more enjoyment out of writing this review.

Interesting Concept

If I were the master of that universe there would be alot of destroyed planets lol. Anyway good job on the physics,

It was entertaning.

But newgrounds isnt for trials

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I know its not the point of the game, but I like to smash planets together.

"Hey Bill, have you noticed Mars is awfully close to earth?"
*Boom* >D

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4.07 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2009
9:48 PM EDT
Action - Other
  • Daily 3rd Place March 23, 2009