Flash Maker 1.0

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Make flash and get a score for it based on how good you are at flash. fun game to mess around with if you've ever wanted to submit to newgrounds. took me a few weeks to make, enjoy.

i suggest not trying to make any flash until your stats are above 25, or you score will be crap.

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I hate it!

Back to text games, are we?

Way too basic. Try this out: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /236362

Yes, it's old, but it's the exact same kind of game as yours, and it makes you feel like you're really working toward a goal. Seriously, it has nice art and it's very immersive.

goood idea

found glitch i made it as a joke to see if thyre was a day limmit so i made a flash take 2000000000000000000000000 days and it made me click the button so much i just quit playing try making a max cap on it like maybe 150 and make minim becuse no matter what my skills where one day flashes got 0 views so make a min like 45 days max 150 it would help the game out a bit

TheSongSalad responds:

thanks for your comments.

Really not your best.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

This is probably the biggest thing that you have to work on in not only this submission, but in most of your submissions. I highly recommend hooking up with an artist. They don't even have to be too good. I recommend something that can do art relatively close to the art in the Stickman RPG game. If you haven't ever watched that submission I recommend going to watch it because it would show you how to do a movie like this much better.

So I really do recommend getting someone to do at least stickman art to include some animations that represent the things your doing in the game. The graphics that you did have weren't too bad. I really think you could work on your layout to make it look more professional because the simple colors and layout that you do have just isn't good enough in my opinion.

~ Story/Content ~

I think there are some things that you need to include to make this better. I'm going to preach the addition of animation again here because this is the only thing that is going to make a submission like this better.

Add an animation for each button that you have. Simply a stickman moving his head back and forth across a book for the reading, a guy jamming to some music for the music part, a guy drawing on a piece of paper for artwork, etc..

I also think you need a back button. Sometimes I would accidentally click on make a flash when I didn't want to make one yet and I couldn't get back from that part. So a back button would be great for people who accidentally clicked like me.

There should be some sort of point to the game instead of just being able to do what you had. I think giving people a time limit in terms of days allowed to make a flash would be good. This way people could see the best flash submission they could create in a certain amount of days. When they actually do make the submission, and depending on the score that they get on it, you should show a small animation to represent theirs. If it's a bad score you could just have a stickman episode and if the score was good you could have a really good animation to represent their flash. This is why it is really important to team up with an animator.

Last, but not least, whenever I would make a flash the score wouldn't make sense at all. First I thought it was going to do something like the Newgrounds scoring system as I got a 1.62 something. That made sense to me because I barely spent any time on it. I spent a hell of a lot of time for my second submission and got like a 8002384.2384 something. That didn't make any sense to me as it had nothing to do with newgrounds.

~ Audio ~

I like the music that you choice for the submission, but I think it was lacking in some way. Perhaps choose music that was just a bit more ambient so you could include some sound effects for all of the animations that I recommended above. You could also have a reward sound or something if they get a decent score on their flash.

~ Overall ~

I think you should keep working hard because you are pretty good with actionscript. I recommend finding an artist. (Hell it could be me if you don't mind sprites :P)

I actually wouldn't mind teaming up with you for a football game like your QB RPG game that you made awhile ago, but I'll PM you about that sometime.

Like I said, keep working hard because you are going to be great some day. You always have my full support.

Voted 5, reviewed 4/10.

TheSongSalad responds:

again, thanks a lot for the review, i always appreciate them. i believe your error with the flash score is a little bug. i think i could fix it in about half an hour, but seeing this games reception, i don't think it would even be worth it. also, i think it would be great to work with you on a flash. the last three games i've made have been while waiting for art pieces to come through for Avoidence 3. i would say for sure pm about that football one, because i like that one a lot more than this one so far. i'm pretty bad at animation still, but improving, and i thank you for taking the time to review me again. i appreciate your support, and fear not, work with an artest is coming soon.

Not bad

I see where you were going with this. You could have a different background and add more songs to the line up. The letter font could be a little more eye catching.

TheSongSalad responds:

thanks for the review.

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Mar 21, 2009
6:37 PM EDT
Simulation - Job