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Sirtom93's Adventure

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Relive the heartwarming tale of sirtom93 as he collects matches and petrol and tries to burn down his school!

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This is like How do I buy Petrol, isn't it.... err.... Maybe not.

these are funny in their own way

you guys and your mocking abilites make me smile


Sirtom the biggest moron that used to be on the newgrounds who post wat they are going to do on newgrounds than actually do it

Pretty good for a Sirtom game.

This is one of the better Sirtom games I've played. I like how the objective stuck to the plot of the actual event. I must be easily amused because I was entertained how Sirtom's face changed whenever he switched directions. I successfully beat the game( which isn't saying much), but I thought it was pretty clever.

I thought the game could have been a bit more interactive than you made it. Holding the arrow keys down the entire time was not very enjoyable. I also thought you coud have added some sounds to give the game some feeling. There is entertainment in the game, but it is very limited.

I like games with humor, and this had a lot of it. I thought the neighborhood street and jail cell pictures were pretty funny. This was a decent submission, keep up the great work!

That man was insane!

Also a jack ass ,who goes and post there "mater scheme" scheme on the internet? I agree with 85% of the people who said he was just some attention whore emo kid. No real poll just an estimation =D

Credits & Info

3.82 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2009
3:32 AM EDT

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