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Star Wars: Maverick

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This is my first ever attempt at Flash!!

I made this in the summer of 2006, so go easy on it. My Flash skills have improved, and I will be submitting my latest work shortly. I just wanted to have this as a constant reminder of my beginnings ha ha.

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Nice little movey but you got some things rong

befor I start sorry of the extream Star Wars langwich
1.the heros light saber was red meaning he was prow Sith but the Sith sorported the Trade Federacion wich used a droid armey
2. the anamason was weard

well done

no bad for a first flash I look forward to seeing your next work

Coudl've been better

I have a few complains about it: First It's the fact that characters were drawn iwthout arms and legs which was a little weird. Then you Drew their torso look like they were fat. And what's with the character's facial expression? It's the same all over the flash.And the swords were too big in comparation to the characters.

Not bad

That was good for a first flash. Much better than what some people do at first.