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this is a text-based interactive. just click which choice you want to act upon and you will move to the next part of the story. each choice has a differnet story ending or page.
please leave a review we could really use the critism to make a much longer one with more endings and
a better storyline.
we can take constructive critism if you give some it but please dont just say its a badly made game.

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I didn't like it.

This game wasn't very fun and there was no challenge to it.
Text adventures are fun, but not when there is only ONE way to win.
Next time, consider letting the player keep on playing even if they make a wrong choice, letting them run into consequences later in the game and having multiple endings, perhaps a letter grade at the end depending on how they you did.
That wouldn't take much more effort, but it would make the game exponentially better.

acedareaper responds:

thanks for the review i notice that it was too easy im going to make a longer story next time. the hard part about making a game like you said is the storyline this story was already hard enough but expect a longer and more exiting story next time. and it would take alot of effort than you might think because think of all of the different story endings and twists.


Very nice. ^_^

acedareaper responds:



I love text adventures, and this is a moderately decent one.

Pros: Decent amount of text per page, the choices are sensible rather than random and appear to lead to mostly reasonable conclusions.

(Perhaps out of your control) Cons: No pictures or music. I might have been able to get past that if the story had been more interesting.

Straight-up Cons: Poor choice of font and colors makes reading somewhat annoying. With four writers, unless you are all non-native English speakers, you ought to have been able to avoid the grammar mistakes.

Overall: a nice first effort, hopefully you keep working on it.

acedareaper responds:

thanks and i wrote most of it but the other three helped give me ideas to the storyline. yes im going to make another one with better font and added music.


pictures would have been nice

acedareaper responds:

i know but maybe next time

For 6k it's pretty decent

You answer questions on ways how you can make it to work on time despite the fact you slept in.

It's actually pretty creative for a text based game but was it really needed to have 4 writers for this?

I can picture this quiz such as this helping a lot of people to make it on time for work.

For a game of this filesize it's above average and great when you compare it to other small filesized submissions within the newgrounds portal.


acedareaper responds:

wow thanks it was my first and they kept me motivated and helped me with the ideas so i have to thank them for their work in it. thanks for the nice review

Credits & Info

3.12 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2009
1:43 AM EDT