Twilight: The Broodening

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***** Edit: after you watch this, watch the sequel: Twilight 2: Broodening Harder - http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/519114 *****

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After seeing the movie "Twilight," I felt the need to write a parody highlighting the vast number of plot holes and blatant disregard for even the most basic, common-knowledge traits of vampires.

This is my version of how it should have been.

Credit for the screencaps goes to http://dieseled.livejourn al.com

**edit** I'm flattered being on the front page - thanks for that, and for watching!

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The number of comments on here is far greater than I can respond to individually, so I'll just say "thanks" to those of you who are saying nice things, and "psh" to those of you who aren't.

For those of you who hate this video, watch its sequel, "Twilight: The Broodening SUCKS, and Nathaniel Jones Sucks for Writing It" instead. It's totally unsarcastic, I promise.



What I think happened is that the person who made all that stuff bout vampires not dying in the sun prob created his or her own. (whoever wrote the book.) creature and just called it a vampier and through in one trait. (sucking of blood.) because everyone is familure with vampires. If the writer/movie maker made the creature a non vampire and into somthing else thats mythical the show/book would be better.

Otherwise whoever funded this movie is a Retard, whoever wrote the book and put the traits in first is a retard. And romances like this should be put down.

But the movie was alright little to long for my taste. and as for vamps not being real gotta tell that to the people that devote their entire lives around vampires. they think their real. >.o

Very Funny

I really enjoyed this. You are dead-on about the illogical points of the film. At least to someone like me who hasn't seen or read Twilight. Either way, very funny. I love the voice acting, timing, and the way you synched the images with the audio. It's very funny and well written.

Just a personal pet peeve, based on my own interest in vampire mythology, you can't really criticize using "common knowledge" vampire traits as a basis. ("Useless" this review to your hearts' content.) The original folklore legends vary widely. For example people killed vampires using a variety of methods including, but not limited to, a stake through the heart, a brick shoved in a corpse's mouth, or some even put scythes in the coffin to cut off the head of any vampire who tried to rise. And the same way the folklore doesn't agree, every book has a different take on what vampires are, what they are capable of, etc. I'm not saying glitter vampires is a cool idea or anything, but I've yet to read any two vampire books with the same "type" of creatures and you have to give the author credit for at least trying something new...however lame it may be.

Either way, this was good. It makes me feel like I might need to watch Twilight now for a good laugh though...


it says everything i thought!


Dude, that was totally epic, but you should have also said something about a part that i find very weird. at the end of the movie when bella's in the hospital, her mother doesn't even bother calling her father or whoever but instead she writes him an messag "Bellas OK, LOL"

awesome parody

just awesome
i haven't read or seen Twilight, for a very good reason, but this is awesome.

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