Twilight: The Broodening

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***** Edit: after you watch this, watch the sequel: Twilight 2: Broodening Harder - http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/519114 *****

Check out http://www.Broodening.com for more parodies.

Mp3 available here: http://www.broodening.com /broodening-mp3s/

After seeing the movie "Twilight," I felt the need to write a parody highlighting the vast number of plot holes and blatant disregard for even the most basic, common-knowledge traits of vampires.

This is my version of how it should have been.

Credit for the screencaps goes to http://dieseled.livejourn al.com

**edit** I'm flattered being on the front page - thanks for that, and for watching!

If you enjoyed this parody, check out the other things I've done on my website, http://www.NathanielJones .com

The number of comments on here is far greater than I can respond to individually, so I'll just say "thanks" to those of you who are saying nice things, and "psh" to those of you who aren't.

For those of you who hate this video, watch its sequel, "Twilight: The Broodening SUCKS, and Nathaniel Jones Sucks for Writing It" instead. It's totally unsarcastic, I promise.



wow, nice, this is like one of the few things i've seen that is against twilight

Entertainment at it's finest!

I think my friends and I have become slightly obsessed with this. A favorite past time of ours is opening this page in a separate window, just so we can listen.
Which reminds me... I was going to ask you if maybe you might have the MP3 of your audio here? We'd like to take this on the road!
It's something I'd be willing to pay for even!
Your sarcasm, and obvious observations are hilarious! Even though we enjoyed the books, and the movies were... mildly entertaining, I think what we'll look forward to most is the next installment of The Broodning!

guywiththecoat responds:

The mp3 is available here: http://www.broodening.com/broodening-

I think I love you.

I laughed so hard I couldn't breath.
Thank you.



this is the most perfect parody ever. period.


awesome looool

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