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***UPDATE*** Whoohoo! Frontpage! Thanks!!!

It's with great pleasure that I can unveil our latest creation: Celebrity Pedigree, a funny, fun-to-play management game in which you breed dogs in order to make the most profitable pup. The twist is that each dog is a celebrity - so you can experiment with breeding the likes of Airedale Jolie and Bark Obama.

The game features dozens of celebrity dogs, each one has an updated celeb rating based on their real-life counterpart's Google ranking.

Breeding is simple - pick up a male dog and a female dog and put them in the breeding pen. Then manage your kennels by making choices in the various menus - will you sell dogs for a profit, wait for your pups to mature or buy a new celeb to freshen up your gene pool?

Hope you enjoy it and I look forward to hearing your comments.




this is a very awesome game the only reason u gitin bad comments is because they do not know how to play because there stupid.

PS:make a second if u can


I hate to be rude in reviews, but this is just a really stupid idea.

Good celebrity Game

You must have did your biology homework really well: I liked the science in this. Examples: The mutations that happened, runts as a result of inbreeding, and how all of the dogs in the farm have the same traits. Nice work.
Anyhow, this is a nice strategy game, choosing the best traits, selling dogs, buying them, this makes you think to make the best selections.
Graphics and animations are nice and the interface was great.
However, this game became repetitive, fast. It took me quite some time to get to 10k, due to the costs and all. The gameplay is limited, to a click-and-drag game.
How about some more options, like a veterinarian or some more shop options.
Overall: 7/10 A nice game with a celebrity gimmick but repetitive gameplay.

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This has to be the most original, funny game I've seen for a long time, if ever. Nice work.

Not bad.

The game is good. Took me a few times to get the hang of exactly what to do. It's very funny and fun to play, and knowing their start rating is related to their actual status is cool. The only thing I would want to change, is the cost of "keeping" some of the 4+ star rated celeb dogs, makes it very difficult to go under fast. The other thing that would be awesome, is not having to click and drag them to the breeding pin, rather since it takes a while to play, I would just simply make them clickable. Because you can see their stats when you hover, eliminate the hassle and pain associated with constant click and dragging to breed? :D

Over all 8 of 10 from me. I would like to see more!

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Mar 19, 2009
3:15 PM EDT
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