Zelda Hero Returns 42

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I put a lot of work into Nightmare's model on this one. Thanks again to Emma for helping me voice the girls.

To bring you up to date on what's happening, Link was killed a few episodes earlier, and Dark Link noticed that Link's soul went North. Coolo figures out that someone who could manipulate souls took Link's soul after he died, a few episodes before Link was killed Nightmare took over Coolo's body and attacked his friends, so this is a grudge match for the two of them.

Hope you enjoy.

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it took me one hour to get the ground becuase of

awsomeness loved it

You get the 10/10 cause I'm in a good mood

The fight didn't feel as personal to me as I was originally expecting (a little dialogue can go a long way in that respect). I did however like the fact that when he hugged Zelda it didn't look like a boob grab like it did in just about all of your originals... One question though: Did Nightmare look like that before he got Soul Edge or did it twist him both physically and spiritually?

its good

lol cock cloud lol good it does have potenailel lol


Just looking at the character model for Nightmare you can tell that you put WAY more effort into that than the rest of the flash, and you really should put that much love and care and detail into all your models - and even the backgrounds (as previous reviewers have noted). I do like that the animation is a tiny bit more organic now and not as stiff and awkward looking. Still though, it could use plenty more care.

I'm also noticing the rate at which you're pumping these out. While I understand you want to tell the story, perhaps you should take some more time to focus on putting more effort into telling them. Not just visually, as I said above, but the dialogue could use a lot of fleshing out as well. Link's lines were... eghhh. Uninspired, to put it gently. I liked Emma's voice though, so be sure to put it to good use!

Regardless of any complaints, I felt no impulse to close out during any part of the flash, which is more than can be said for most of the junk that comes out daily here, so it was enjoyable enough to get a 7. Think about effort! You clearly have a lot of potential, man.

(Oh, and not to be insulting, but the girls look like they're being attacked by their mammoth breasts, bras showing and such.. but this isn't remotely a hentai, so is that really necessary? It feels kind of silly to me. I've never seen a Zelda game where she looked so... well, think of a nice word for that. lol)


But you should used up more time on the background animation, oh and LOL when the monster crashed into a mountain or so the cloud looked like a badly drawn cock, lol

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4.10 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2009
1:25 PM EDT