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A Great Big Tree

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Author Comments

EDIT: Thanks a bunch for the feature in the Treasure Hunt!

The idea for this movie came to me in a flash (pardon the pun), and I knew I had to make it. Don't ask me what this means. I know, but I can't really explain. I know that it's not an environmental message, though.

Also, Firth makes some pretty amazing music, as well as movies. Go check his shit out.

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i like it

its sad but with a positive attitude. it like my attitude on life. i think it very deep and philisophical especialy for such a short running time

Very sad

Oh yeah, I've listened to all of Firth's music so this would sound familiar. I like how you made it look like the tree was made of blood (the red lining around the white bone) to give it a personality. I think that this is fortunate to show up in the Treasure Hunt, as it's one of Tom Fulp's favorites now! I congradulate you for making a really deep story that had such a short running time. It was emotional the whole way through and told a lot about not just the life of a tree, but our lives. May our hope and love never die.

I liked it

This was a nice flash you made here,the animation was great as was the music and the concept of it was a bit sad with the tree but the message that it sent was creative about how the tree will always come back,overall this was a solid flash that i enjoyed very much.

Pretty good

Overall pretty good. I like the simplicity of it. Though the animation is not complex, it did the job. I think the art could be cleaned up a bit, and I think you might have a little too much influence from David Firth (Not talking about just the music; "So 2005" was a great choice for this flash.)
I liked whatever message I picked up from the flash, as well.

All in all, you did a really good job.

view and review and rereview

I view it a lot of time and I am still not bored it is one of the things that make that this site is so good

Ce film est une pure merveille, un chef-d'%u0153uvre je ne sais pas trop quoi dire c'est beau poétique et il y a un petit message dedans de plus l'ambiance créée par la musique est superbe je ne peux dire qu'une seule chose devant ce court-métrage d'une qualité qui est relativement bonne : WOW

If this is in français it's because I didn't find the words in english to express it

I hate the world "french", it is ugly but français (say the good way(it mean without an english accent)) is a beautiful word