Monkey on a Log Jigsaw

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Put together a monkey themed puzzle! With 5 different difficulty settings, you're sure to be challenged with this jigsaw puzzle!



Out of the 100 pieces, there were just 4 which had any bit of monkey on them...
I feel swindeled, give me more monkey!

Did it in 22 minutes, but only because of the pieces-counter, that really helped.

JigsawPuzzlesFree responds:

Glad you liked it... thanks for the feedback, next time we will provide more monkey!


if I wanted to do a jigsaw puzzle I would buy a 3-D one with 5000 pieces not this 30 piece cr@p

JigsawPuzzlesFree responds:

On hard mode, there are 100 pieces. But yes, it's not quite as good as a real life 3D puzzle. Sorry you didn't like it.


I'm tired of all these bullshit sponsored games on the portal now. Newgrounds was NOT designed so that you could promote your sucky little jigsaw puzzle site with a crappy game, it was designed as a place that flash artists and programmers could share their work with the world. If you're so desperate to promote your fucking site, buy an advertisement or something. Asshole.

Oh, and the game was a rip off of pretty much every jigsaw puzzle game I've ever seen, that is, it sucked.

JigsawPuzzlesFree responds:

Thanks for your kind words.

its ok

the game is more for passing time than anything its an ok brain teaser


I couldn't fabin out how the top row went.
Sinc eone of the rows had a hollow bit in the second row, and all the top pieces had hallow bits too. so, it couldn't fabin that out.
Maybe it just my tiredness and I'm finding myself to be a bit lazy.
The game, was pretty good. I liked the interaction with it, but as I said in the last Puzzle game I reviewed, its straight forward. But, I did like the 5 difficulty settings, that was pretty nice to have there.

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2.37 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2009
10:49 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other