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Lost Thoughts(PREVIEW)

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oke this is the preview it is not that great but we did our best dont listen to the voices to much we didn't have voice actors and were dutch so yes it sounds weird hope you'l still enjoy

it is good that you all gave me some edvice now i know wat to inprove

thanx :D

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very well done job!!!

Neat work good job

Looking good :)

This movie does have the potential to be a good series if i knew what the story line was about! I liked the scene in the desert when the blonde character cut the rock in half with his sword (which shows the characters strength potential for future battles is quite huge) and that you gave the viewer some information about the character which was insightful. The ending left it on a cliffhanger and i wanted to see what happens next!

Now there are 3 little pointers which you can improve the series with so here goes:

1) The drawings quite good but can be improved by defining the characters and adding more detail

2) The background music didn't really fit the story

Last bad pointer i promise!

3) The voices were reasonable good but the dubbing was a bit off as the actor would stop speaking but the characters mouth would still move.

Those three little points aside it was a good introduction, i will be looking out for more of your work in the future.

Until then

Luv angelkitty20 xXx


was pretty good

Dutch eh?

Well that explains the awkwardly spoken dialogue. I can say that the animation was a little good for an amateur. This certainly is an amateur production all the way cause it's amateur hour tonight so get your cliche checklist ladies and gentlemen!

Animu look? Check.
16 year old possible Gary Stu? Check.
16 year old possible Gary Stu's girlfriend? check
16 year old possible Gary Stu's profile... That takes time to load all computer style? Check!
Typo in the title... Check! Check!! CHECK-O-ROONEY!!!

...Nitpicking aside, it is still cool to see a swordmasta jump up in the air and slice some rock with the chi emitted through his sword. Not to mention there was some effort put down into making bits and pieces of a city. And I find this flash done better then some of the noobish works I've seen. At least you didn't go all "LOL!!! I'm Stixman! LOLOZORED!!11!!"

So Robinater... What is your story about? A good, insightful/funny/scary/intelligent storyline can make even shape movies shine...