Fill 'Em Up

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Fill 'Em Up is a simple game with a simple objective
Click the pint to fill it up, but do not overfill and do not let the pint run dry

You will start with THREE pints and work your way up-to TEN pints
The game has no end level, simply keep going as long as you can

Note: The game will only display the top ten high scores
Note: The speed the pint runs down is completely random and does not depend on the level you are on

** UPDATE **
I noticed an error in my code, the game was not recognizing when the pint had run out
The code has not been fixed


good and kept simple

very addicting game but you should make difficulties like more beer glasses


maybe make difficulties?

Just freakin' amazing graphicks.

SecretDreamer responds:

Thanks for that

I considered using difficulties, but I didnt think this game needed it
I may consider using them on my next game


what the other person said. and, my flash player keeps popping up little windows that say "an actionscript error has occurred" do you think yoou could look at your coding again? thanks.

SecretDreamer responds:

What version of flash player are you using
Does it give you any detail, or just say 'an error has occured'?

Feel free to PM me

its good but

its to easy for them to overflow.

maybe instead of a juct click, how about click and hold so you know how much is going so you dont overflow

SecretDreamer responds:

Thanks for the review

I thought about that, but that would make the game extremely difficult
If you have 10 pints running down you dont want to spend time clicking and holding every one of them

it was kinda fun

in responce to the other reviews
the beers fill a decent amount with each click so you have to wait till their down a bit before you can start the pouring, and as for the ads i only got the preloading one which is still kinda lame but adds are all over new grounds now a days,
my comments
its kinda fun, for a few minutes. sound would have been nice or maybe even background music

SecretDreamer responds:

Thanks for your comments

I was considering adding sound
I wanted to add typical bar / pub sounds, people talking ect... but I was unable to find anything appropriate

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3.15 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2009
9:32 AM EDT
Skill - Other