Patapon 2 The Art Of War

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First things first, this isn't stolen, we built it for Playstation to promote Patapon 2.
Its a rhythm game where you control the Patapon tribe using "pata" or "pon".

As with our last game, its not meant to be a exact replica, just a flash minigame taster.
The instructions are in the game but its really no more complicated than hitting the left arrow key for "pata" and the right arrow key for "pon" in time to the music. The Patapon will tell you what combination does what and when you need to do it.

Oh and finally - there is no drum sound when you press the keys because Flash 10 still cannot respond with audio on a key press without serious lag (on PC - better on Mac). And those few nanoseconds of lag totally throws out your timing when playing this. So we left the drum beats off intentionally.




very good imitation,but...

u cant hear your own drumming making it easy to mess up,making level 2 almost impossible on your first try,and dodonga almost impossible plus where's patapons' hud and why is there a time limit,but besides that,its a pretty good game for patapon 2 fans(like me)i give score of 8.5.good game!

meh, depends

it has potential to be good, if you just made it a little more, i don't know, hard and less bland. it doesn't have as many things to do as the real game, if you were really desperate to play patapon, but for some reason you can't this would be a good substitute, but really, try and make it more like Patapon.

I love it!

I must get this game as soon as I get a PSP! The drum is very hypnotic :)
And for shin235 I must say:
Take a look at the title screen. It says "Official flash minigame"


It's a great attemp at recreating Patapon 2... it jusst doesent show the more deep parts of the game...

Good Teaser

I liked this game, and its ok for a patapon demonstration. And shin235 lighten up man, its not like this is PROMOTIONAL its not supposed to be entirely like the game. Its basically getting your mouth watering for when the game. Yah its not Patapon 2, DUH its a flash game on newgrounds what do you expect.

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3.89 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2009
6:23 AM EDT