Patapon 2 The Art Of War

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First things first, this isn't stolen, we built it for Playstation to promote Patapon 2.
Its a rhythm game where you control the Patapon tribe using "pata" or "pon".

As with our last game, its not meant to be a exact replica, just a flash minigame taster.
The instructions are in the game but its really no more complicated than hitting the left arrow key for "pata" and the right arrow key for "pon" in time to the music. The Patapon will tell you what combination does what and when you need to do it.

Oh and finally - there is no drum sound when you press the keys because Flash 10 still cannot respond with audio on a key press without serious lag (on PC - better on Mac). And those few nanoseconds of lag totally throws out your timing when playing this. So we left the drum beats off intentionally.





The visuals were nice and the animation was smooth, but this game is pretty unplayable. The beat and the visual representation of the beat didn't match up, and the controls are not intuitive. I hope the real game is easier to play...

I liek it :D

Not the best game in the world, But it's pretty damn fun. It made me wanna pick up the full version.

The whole thing about this game though, which many gamers on this site might not like, is that theres a strict timing system. You have too keep the rhythm of the drums with the chants in order to issue the commands

I dunno what problem they're having

I had no problems with the timing it was near spot on and as long as I was keeping time I nailed everything. Great game!

not my cup of

noodles, the guys were off beat, THAT'S THE WHOLE FUCKING GAME

kerb responds:

well you strike us as a master of beating off so we bow down to your knowledge on this matter

No deal

this did not follow the rythm, as a bassist for a good portion of my life i can tell you that the beat did not match with the drums, visually or auditorily. i even tried to sync it with the voice, to make sure i was coming in at the right time, but it made no difference. i was the first on the scoreboard for that ongaku, and my timiing has been measuered on some guitar program to be near the 0.03 of a second. this did not work for me. i hope its a sweet game for others.

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3.89 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2009
6:23 AM EDT