Patapon 2 The Art Of War

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First things first, this isn't stolen, we built it for Playstation to promote Patapon 2.
Its a rhythm game where you control the Patapon tribe using "pata" or "pon".

As with our last game, its not meant to be a exact replica, just a flash minigame taster.
The instructions are in the game but its really no more complicated than hitting the left arrow key for "pata" and the right arrow key for "pon" in time to the music. The Patapon will tell you what combination does what and when you need to do it.

Oh and finally - there is no drum sound when you press the keys because Flash 10 still cannot respond with audio on a key press without serious lag (on PC - better on Mac). And those few nanoseconds of lag totally throws out your timing when playing this. So we left the drum beats off intentionally.




*sigh* long winded review ahead

This is getting ridiculous. I have been playing this game sporadically for a week and it never eases up. I am in band and have been praised for my sense of tempo (pulse, beat, etc.) but I can't get the commands and the beats to match up. I will hit a beat dead-on and it will still be gray. Occasionally I can get a good "Fever" combo going for an entire level, but most often everything just collapses.
Also, the sound loop you used for the drums has a gap when it rolls over and it often breaks my combo by disrupting the beat, please fix that.

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For me, following the rythm is very easy, don't know is it cuz i'm a musician but anyways.. I found the game amusing at first, but after doing that tower thing 2 times i got bored and clicked x.

what doe patapon mean?

its too hard to get the timing just right and the background music disrupts the rythmic nature of the game


For a game built entirely around rhythm the timing was next to impossible to peg down. Even with the sound off and just the flashing outline it never seemed to sync up. It would have been nice to have some sort of obvious measure to determine exactly how much you're missing the beat. Instead in this game you actually have to stop playing, listen (or watch), and them try to reconstruct your rhythm.

Can't play it

This I deem unplayable. The timing you need is way too strict, sorry...

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3.89 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2009
6:23 AM EDT