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Author Comments

Edit: Thanks Newgrounders. Weekly 3rd best game, awesome!

Pwong will challenge your pong skills to the max. Can you handle up to 20 balls at once and rank as the ultimate "Pwong Pwner"? Choose from three different difficulties all with stunning graphics and high quality music. Easy to learn, but hard enough to master. Pwn that crazy AI, with your mad pong skills!

Rules are simple. Hit all balls back to the other side. Whenever you miss a ball your score gets decreased, and whenever your opponent misses a ball your score gets increased. The more balls are in play, the less it counts if you miss one. Move your paddle with the mouse. Click to shoot when you have ammo loaded. Press "P" to pause and "M" to mute.

****Note: if this game is lagging, close all other applications and browser windows.

If the game still lags you can DOWNLOAD it, heres the link:
http://cdn.mochiads.com/c /g/pwong_v1.zip (remove the space after the c)

v 1.7
- less blur
- less lag

v 1.8
- loose is now spelt lose
- some very minor bug fixed


Pretty solid.

Repetitive, make no mistake, but then again, there are some excellent games that are incredibly repetitive and never get old. I get the feeling this could be one of those games. Takes timeless pong and turns it into something new and exciting, if even for a small period of time. Something clean, enjoyable, and relatively new.

It just lacks depth, and for that reason, I give it an eight out of ten.

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it's good

usually not the type of game i play, but for what it is it's pretty cool. thanks for posting

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i remember i once got daily first place (or something like that)
i love th music, when in was smaller i used to get popcorn from a popcorn maker at a store and thats the music that it made while it was making it

Could use some improvment

At first let me say the game looks really pretty. The color scheme is amazing and i like how it changes.
Their is one small thing i didn't like about the color though, the line the balls left behind them as they moved was to long and it lasted pretty long too, as soon as the balls started shooting up from the bottom my screen is covered with lines of the same color, witch now makes it harder for me to see the balls, this could easily be fixed by making the colors lighter, or smaller and shorter lasting. It would still keep the shiny prettiness of the game but help the player focus on the balls.
The game play is like any other pong game, so cant complain their, the only problem i had with the game play is that when i moved my cursor to the left/right fast to catch one all the way in the corner my cursor would always slide of the screen and the paddle would not move.
The 3 difficulties are pretty good, you can see the difference in each of them, after playing easy for a couple of times i got better and scored a higher score on normal and got Pwong Pwner. I did not succeed doing that on hard mode lol.
Audio! - When i first started playing i was like, this music is sick! i got all into the whole techno beat, but after playing the game 5-6 more times, hearing the same beat start over and over again, it got really annoying.
Power ups were pretty good, the obvious larger paddle and slow motion and the not so obvious ammo shoot 10. The ammo was pretty useful after i got used to using it correctly after a while. Their should b more power ups though, something creative, something you don't see in other pong games.
One more thing, after i hit a power up, lets say ammo for example, in the middle of the screen it would say AMMO + 10, in colorful letters. Its good to know what you got but that would not leave the screen until i received another power up, but that would just replace it with the other power up i got, after a while that should disappear so it wouldn't distract you especialy with all these colors flying around.


i got "PWONG PWNER" my score was 724 i so pwn at this game :]

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Credits & Info

4.22 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2009
5:44 AM EDT
Skill - Other