Key Run

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Have fun playing, there a secret cheat code. <_< >_> See if you can find it.

Oh sorrys, the loading bar doesn't work, I couldn't really test it. just click on that box thing to start.


i found a glitch

on the third or fourth level there is a spot that u can go straight through the wall but it doesnt work anywhere else right when u start u go right and it takes u through the wall and then the wall after kills u

MintPaw responds:

Oh sorry. First time at this kind of game. :/

Pretty cool

Nice game here, I though the music choice was real nice for this type of game. The graphics were simple but nice. All in all a pretty good mouse avoider.

Well, I liked the way the walls faded around to different designs but occasionally it would throw me off and make my ball flinch into a wall :P

Nicely done, a fun game.

~Review Request Club~

MintPaw responds:

Thanks, the walls trick you, how it gets so dark.

good game

the art was good

the programming was good

there are some added features i would have gave it but other than that it was overall a good game

MintPaw responds:

Thanks, I should of added more features

Not bad.

level wise it was ok. A level select option would have been a nice touch for it, the music seemed just right for it as well, map design was ok but it could have been a bit better, and the ball movement was very well done.

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MintPaw responds:



~ Animation/Graphics ~

I really liked how the screen itself moved instead of just having the entire map on the screen itself. The movement of the circle was quite smooth. You could touch the wall slightly without dying or starting over, but I think it was necessary in this submission as it was kind of hard to get through some tight spots.

~ Story/Concept ~

Not an original idea at all. It was well done though and a lot better done than most of the avoid/maze type games that are submitted on this site. I didn't try to cheat at all as I didn't find it necessary, but I will say the game is quite tricky and frustrating if you don't have the patience to be slow while playing.

I didn't play the entire thing, but for the levels that I did play it was a decent game worth a try. Perhaps in the future have something like enemies, moving walls, upgrades, a money system, a point system, a time system, etc..

~ Audio ~

Decent choice of music in this submission. Pretty good all around. Looks like you used audio of friends, which may be nice, but make sure to take quality over friendship when choosing audio. :P

~ Overall ~

When I saw this underjudment I thought it was going to be terrible, but you proved me wrong. A decent game.

~ Review Request Club ~

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MintPaw responds:

Thanks for the well thought review!

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3.76 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2009
10:41 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid