Boot To The Head

March 18, 2009 –
September 22, 2016
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Author Comments

After about a month of on and off working the Flash movie is finally completed @_@

special thanks to ScottFalco and Sam2Yoshi for letting me make use of their characters in the movie

The audio is the property of (C) "The Frantics" { http://www.thefrantics.co m/ } an orginal skit preformed by them, this is a parody and nothing more, I do not in anyway own the audio or plan to make monetary profit from It. Please support the official release.

VOTE 5 !!!!!!!!


That was delightful, this made my..boot to the head. In all seriousness, i thought the whole thing was in good taste. I tip my hat to you sir.

poor cat. he shoud have nailed jenny and the wimp even more man.

i say that the drunken dude got the best of it. agree with me.

I leave my nephew.This is so predictable.A boot to the head.I new it.

as a reward for your great flash submission you have earned yourself..... a boot to the head!

5/5 and 10/10. That was well done Neo.

Excellent Flash, good sir. As your reward, I give you..........A boot to the head.
But really, nice job.

That video was a...

Flawless Victory.

And oh yeah...


I agree,and i dunno why he is pissed at them lol

I've seen the Phoenix Wright skit of this, and it is way funnier. That and wills are meant to be read by an attorney anyway. So it only makes sense to use Phoenix Wright sprites if there are any. Still a funny ass skit no matter what. Very nicely done. 5/5 & 10/10

Pwnage from beyond the grave.

But wtf did Jenny and Hank do for Arthur to get so pissed at them?! lmao

"And to Neoridgeback i leave... 5/5 and 10/10 votings."
"Really?! :D"
"and a boot to the head!"

Awesome job X]

You got it! Definately a favorite. 10/10 5/5

I love the Boot to the Head skit, and I always wanted someone to animate it. You have made my dreams come true.

pretty damn funny, i personally like it better than the original. besides the animations it was a great usage of time

It was funny, predictable, but funny. For that and the fact that you asked for a 5, you get a 4

but phoenix wright boot to the head is alot funnier. i can remember if its on her or you tube.

As aforementioned, this skit is very near and dear to me, and as such, I see fit to give it a Boot To The Head/10. By which I mean a 9/10.
Animation could have been a bit better, but the situational comedy in the skit wasn't lost in translation.
You should do the "Ed Gruberman" Boot To the Head skit next =3

the flash was pretty good, nothing outstanding, but still, pretty damn good, and the audio sent it to the high end of the scale, being horribly horribly funny, keep finding the nuggets of audio gold and bringing it to fruition once again.

But what flavor is it?

I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but it was the audio that really made this movie shine. Strip away that, and it's not that gob-smackingly great. Sure, it's good. The artwork is nice, with a few great touches, and it is fairly funny even muted, but it's not "OMG I HAVE TO WATCH THIS AGAIN". Also, where's the background? I'm sure that would have made it that little bit better, a blurred background of a courtroom.

I'm not saying it's bad, I think it's very funny. But looking at it from a technical point of view, it's not brilliant.

Awesome skit. The original version actually isnt this long. The ice cream troll at the end is the best part :D

Did he say the city of Calgary? As in, the one in Alberta? I live there...and quite frankly, I like it here. Oh well. The video was really funny, it had me cracking up the whole time, hehe, who was throwing the boots at the people anyway? And how exactly would the lawyer not notice somebody putting a wild animal into their pants.

that video ws so amazing that the oonly possible thing i could ever give you is......10 rating to the head

make more animations to stuff like this

it;s hards to typr cux im laffin too hards ritew now!!!
Awesome... make more like this!!!! XD

Could I get my espresso with an extra shot of boot to the head, please? *SMACK*

I leave, not a rating, but a boot to the head. *throws boot* Nice job, good sir or madam.

This was brilliant! I bet you took ages on this. (not sure) And your prize is... a boot to the head! (so original)

really good job on this one , could use some more possitive feedback though ^.^

This was pretty well done, but I have one major problem which has made me give you a low rating. You seem to have intentionally copied the choreography from the very popular rendition using Phoenix Wright sprites: is to find if you search online for "Phoenix Wright - Boot to the Head". Maybe I'm mistaken, but it really looks like that to me, and if so you should credit those authors as well in your author comments and the flash, because they came up with the choreography you used.

haha really enjoyed it, thought the animation was great the voices were good and the graphics were pretty cool keep it up

for this submission i rate it 10 BOOT TO THE HEAD!

also id like to make an little big planet level on it if its ok :)

i leave every one with a life time supply of ice cream what flavor boot to head

I've always loved that sketch and you did it very well. Not the most sophisticated animation but you really made it work and kept it visually interesting. Kudos

a boot to the head...hahahahahahah lol great but i didnt like the bit were u hurt the cat *poor kitty :(*but the rest is funny!

9/10 9because of the poor kitty >:(

never seen the orignal skit but im sure this does it justice!

a boot to the head lol

I have never seen the original skit, but this was a very funny cartoon of it. 9/10.

Although I've seen the sketch before the animation was awesome and it's still funny.

There is another boot to the head skit which is funny as well. I have to say it was pretty good

Allthough i have no idea what the original skit is? Must be an old show or just shown in your country? Anyways, it was fun

A golden egg of an animation.

Never caught the original. Thanks for taking the time to redo it in flash.

LOOOOL XD all getting owned so bad xD

I saw that cartoon in Phoenix Wrigh version and it was better but doesnt matter I like this one too.

Though you didn't make the audio clip it was still hilarous and the flash animation you made to go with it was excellent especially the character design,i got lots of laughs from this and i think you did a great job on this.

so fune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL LOL

That was a great flash to a great skit by The Frantics!

Wonderful job! :)

better then the phinex right version on new grounds and i love it how the beer bottles were adding up to.

i leave to you all a lifetime supply of icecream. what flavor. boot to the head

Very simple, yet very funny. Great job dude!

For your animation, that's top notch. Though I have to admit that the "granma" was kinda Milf instead of Gilf. Might wanna work on that. ;P

Still The Frantics and Boot flavored Ice Cream, no matter where it is is still some of the best around (for others naturally)

Keep up the good work. :)

I was in stitches with the audio. The animation was paced very very well and it was good enough to compliment the audio.


"Boot-To-The-Head Ice Cream" : If you don't get a kick out of it, your head will! The audience was kinda annoying but all-in-all it was pretty good. 4/10, 8/10

I can't give you 10 out of 10 because frankly, i've seen better on youtube.
Sure, in flash it looks kinda funny, but the Phoenix Wright spoof did it a lot better in that it looked like a real reading of a will.

Sorry, but i liked the Phoenix Wright one better.

Thanks for bringing this to a new generation - I remember it from long ago on the Dr. Demento show.
Now, how about animating Tae Kwon Leep?

So funny.

Why does this make me feel like watchin Monty Python? XD
Well to the point, great job I laughed my head off while watchin. ;3
The graphics and animations are great and I sure hope you'll make more doog stuff like this. :D
BTW I get it that the audio is from someone else, but do they have their own vid for it or just the sound? x)

That was freakin hilarious and original ( i think)...... easily a 5/5 and 10/10 for me. although it is my style of comedy.

"and to everyone i leave a lifetime supply of ice cream.... well what flavor is it... boot to the head " ||| ( the single worst attempt a boot ever...)

loved it... great animation, goes well with the audio... not sure what else to say... spectacular.

hilarious! where'd you find this?

I was laughing through-out this entire video, but my favorite one, even though I saw it coming was, "Well what flavour is it?"
"Boot to the head!"

i liked that lol, nice man

loved this, this is great so I give you my gratitude.....and a boot to the head

that was amazing... hehehe, i laughed all the way through it, good job, you deserved that 5/5 and 10/10 for your work on this XD

-------- keep em coming!

That was sooo funny.
Not much more can be said.


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