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Zelda Hero Returns 30p1

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This is the second remade episode of Hero Returns, Emma helped me with voicing Zelda so I changed my voice to hers...yeah I tried to voice Zelda at first but...I can't do girl voices, she did an excellent job.

To my old fans there are a few slight changes to this one, they may be hard to spot but they are there.

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When I first saw the title "30" I thought this was honestly like the 30th part in something! Anyway, this was extremely good because the fight scenes were really cool. I am seriously starting to wonder how these women do not have back problems with those giant breasts weighing them down. The animation may have not been the greatest (especially with the color) but very cool. The best part is probably when they are fighting and the one guy's sword just blows everybody to pieces, literally. The designs are pretty good, too.


wow youre doing lotta good episodes, keep doing them because long stories are always the best.. and get some good, unique and unexpected ideas like in animes (naruto for example)..
Niiice =)


Yeah, the background detail needs work, everthing else looks and sounds good... yes the females breasts were a bit large. Also, (I haven't watched your other movies) this guy in the crazy blue armour and the ridiculously big sword with spikes coming out of everywhere, you're making him look alot better than Link... which doesn't make a ton of sense... But otherwise keep up the good work.

I thought it was alright.

Try to work more on the background detail, and less on the size of their tits.


This is real nice! the battle was epic! Only thing that could have made it better would be if the main force of the enemy were detailed more... Also the art was very pleasing to the eye!

~~cant wait to see your other works :D