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Platform:The First Levels

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this is my first game i have ever made




not a bad game, a little confusing because you can't see much, still isn't too bad though.

I suppose if this truly was your first game,

then it wasn't half bad. You've still got quite a ways to go before youve got a good thing going. Just learn from others, and you should be finel\.

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not so great

It wasn't as great as it should have been the controls easy to use which is a bonus but sometimes the poles would kill me when they where down but nice try for your first game so heres a 5/10

Nice start

I like it. not to bad fore You're first try. You could do better. In the first level the spikes didn't hit me and when i go down on the moving platform i bounce a little but those are easy to fix. Also i'd put an animation while he's standing still but thats just me. Still i think you're on the way to success just keep trying.

Simple... Yet Elegant.

Mabye it's just me, but i really enjoy seeing a bunch of Stick Figures Jumping around a map. However, with some spit and elbow grease this could turn out to be a Great Series. (Ps: in level 2 at about the third pit it doesnt have a Respawn so everytime i fell in there I got stuck and Ended up reseting the game.)

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2.59 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2009
9:00 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle